Posted on 11th July, 2019


Final has announced the release of its B Series earphones featuring the B1, B2 and B3 models.

Established in Japan, 1974 by the late Kanemori Takai, Final made its mark with its first product which was a groundbreaking and highly regarded turntable cartridge that utilised a figure-of-eight air-core coil and a cantilever cut from a one-carat diamond.

Final carried on creating original hi-fi products, and in 2009 it acquired a new headphone and earphone factory then Final Audio Design was born. Since then, the new brand has been manufacturing earphones as well as providing earphones and headphones for OEM as they develop their own drivers as well as manufacture in-house.

The B-Series from Final incorporates multiple driver setups, a first for the brand's standard line-up.

Final B1

Final Audio B1 Earphones

With a stainless steel housing finished in chrome rose gold, the B1 certainly is eye-catching. Each side gets a hybrid setup of a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver – both developed by Final Audio. The silver-plated copper replaceable cable adds the finishing touch. Final states that the B1 has been tuned with a lively, high-resolution sound.

Final B2

Final Audio B2 Earphones

Housed in stainless steel with a brushed gunmetal finish, the B2 features Final's single balanced armature driver. The replaceable OFC copper cable compliments the design. The B2's tuning is all about clarity and clean detail, with realistic vocals and instruments being naturally reproduced.

Final B3

Final Audio B3 Earphones

The third model in the series sports stainless steel housings coated with a frosty silver finish. Inside is a brace of Final's balanced armature drivers. You also get silver plated copper cables in the bundle. Final states that the B3's tuning provides plenty of width and space, adding “the impressive soundstage and top end extension allow you to pick out the most delicate of sounds.”

Price and availability

The B series is available now at the following prices:

  • Final B1 - £599 / $699
  • Final B2 - £259 / $299
  • Final B3 - £439 / $499

For more information, head over to Final Audio Design.


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