Famous Naims Found in Andaz West Hollywood Penthouse

Posted on 9th January, 2020

Famous Naims Found in Andaz West Hollywood Penthouse

The Andaz Hotel on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip, once the site of hedonistic parties involving the biggest names in rock, has made a Naim for itself once more.

Rock stars looking to stay close to Sunset Strip would invariably stay at “The Riot House”. Remodelled since the days that The Doors, The Who, and Led Zeppelin stopped by, the then (in)famous hotel is now the focus of another British invasion, this time by Naim.

Andaz West Hollywood x Naim Audio

The iconic hotel located on Sunset Boulevard has collaborated with British Hi-Fi star, Naim Audio. You can get the rock star treatment 2020-style when staying in the penthouse suite and enjoy the fabulous Naim sound throughout. Your tunes will be served to you by the excellent Naim Audio Uniti Atom multi-source music player linked to the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb Second Generation all-in-ones. Between them, the nifty Naims cover the bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room areas of the luxury suite.

Naim Specs

When you are away from your well-appointed room, you can enjoy Naim's iconic advertising posters from the 70s and 80s. These can be found on display throughout the hotel's mezzanine level public space. The artwork was heralded for the brand's unconventional approach and tongue-in-cheek designs.  

Household Naim

Charlie Henderson, Naim Audio managing director, told StereoNET:

Naim is thrilled to follow in the footsteps of fellow British musical talent and find a home in the legendary Andaz West Hollywood. We look forward to enjoying many more years of musical history together.

With Nate Hardesty, general manager Andaz West Hollywood adding:

Like Naim Audio, our hotel has a rich history among the golden age of rock, making the two brands perfect collaborators to thrill a new generation of music lovers.

Andaz West Hollywood x Naim Audio

The suite's 1,400 square feet also features magnificent views of the Hollywood Hills and provides guests with a wrap-around, private balcony, and floor to ceiling glass walls throughout. Proclaiming “I am a Golden God!” from the balcony in a Robert Plant stylee is, however, optional.

For more information, head to Naim.


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