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13th November, 2018


Fyne Audio has just announced the launch of their F3 Series, a trio of affordable subwoofers.

The Fyne Audio F3 Series subwoofers boast innovative DDX Direct Digital amplification, advanced DSP and Fyne Audio's extensive know-how in driver and cabinet design. All of that is said to deliver class-leading bass performance at a remarkable price.

Starting at just £299.99 for the F3-8 and going up the line to the range-topping F3-12 at £599.99, the F3 cabinets are heavyweight and extensively braced. Additionally, their large diameter ports utilise a mathematically derived flare profile at both ends for extremely low turbulence.

Slipping them into your system is made easier thanks to the understated black oak finish cabinets resting on large, compliant feet.

Fyne Audio F3 subwoofer range

Fyne's front-mounted F3 Series drivers major on deep bass with a fast transient attack. The cone material is formed with a unique mix of fibres to create a light and stiff piston. Furthermore, the rubber roll surround and deep coil assembly afford the driver a long throw excursion and high power handling.

The DDX as mentioned earlier builds on Class D technology with higher power, better efficiency, lower RFI output and enhanced sonic characteristics. Fyne Audio tells us that:

The result is a clean, muscular sounding amplifier with extremely low distortion and plenty of headroom.

Fyne Audio F3 subwoofer rear panel

The F3 Series advanced DSP engine possesses control features typically found in much more expensive subs. As well as switchable LFE / Normal input, phase reverse and signal sensing power on, all F3 subs boast automatic dynamic range management, overload protection and Fyne's Bass Boost function. That latter feature gives a +3dB lift through critical movie LFE frequencies to deliver an immersive and engaging home theatre experience.


Thanks to Fyne's innovative 200mm (8-inch) long throw driver, 425 Watt of Direct Digital Amplification (DDX) and advanced DSP technology, the F3-8 delivers 35Hz from a downward ported cabinet just 26 litres in volume. Its innovative Bass Boost switch engages the full power of the DSP engine to provide outstanding LFE effects for home cinema applications.


The F3-10 subwoofer mates a 475 Watt DDX with a 250mm (10-inch) driver in a mid-sized cabinet. Featuring advanced DSP technology, Bass Boost mode for LFE and a large, down-firing low turbulence port for consistent in-room performance, the F3-10 is ideal for partnering with a wide range of home cinema speakers. With dedicated LFE and RCA inputs and filtering, phase control, a 12V trigger and continuous or auto-sensing power on modes, the F3-10 brings the feature and performance of high-end subs at an affordable price.


The F3-12 features a 300mm (12-inch) multi-fibre cone driver, over half a kilowatt of DDX and advanced DSP control with Bass Boost mode specifically for home cinema LFE. The result is breathtaking bass performance as low as 28Hz, making the F3-12 the ideal subwoofer for larger scale systems.

  • F3-8 8-inch bass driver / 425 Watt DDX power £299.99 each
  • F3-10 10-inch bass driver / 475 Watt DDX power £399.99 each
  • F3-12 12-imch bass driver / 520 Watt DDX power £599.99 each

More information can be found at Fyne Audio.


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