Erzetich Gold II Indie Compilation Now Available

Posted on 25th February, 2021

Erzetich Gold II Indie Compilation Now Available

Last year, Erzetich Audio announced its Gold compilation CD; today, Gold II is made available.

Erzetich Audio's Gold II again champions independent artists presented on a gold-plated, audiophile-grade CD.

Erzetich Gold II

The not-for-profit release from Erzetich features twelve tracks from indie artists AZTEX, Binary Boyz, Darius Lux, Deborah Henriksson, Deetrich, Dylan Dunlap, Evie Joy, G Ko, Lovescandal, Nya Crea, The Eves and Vyperstone. The CD will be given away free to both customers and partners of Erzetich, as a special thank you for supporting the company's ongoing growth and development.

Additionally, the CD can also be bought directly from Erzetich's website for €10, with the payment covering material costs and shipping.

Erzetich Gold II

Company founder, Blaž Erzetich told StereoNET:

When you listen to music with the wrong equipment, you miss half the magic. Not only do we help support both independent and established musicians, but we believe that by focusing on the technical side of music, we can also help music fans discover the music they love.

The brand's amps and headphones are developed in Erzetich's dedicated workshop within the woodlands of Slovenia, with local linden wood regularly making its way into the products. Each item is created for longevity and easy to repair for a more natural and eco-conscious end result.

Erzetich products are being used by some of the music world's leading lights, including Nile Rodgers, Bill Gould of Faith No More and Imogen Heap.

Visit Erzetich for more information


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