Erzetich Gold Audiophile Indie Album

Posted on 4th February, 2020

Erzetich Gold Audiophile Indie Album

Erzetich has released Gold – a compilation of indie music recorded on an audiophile-grade CD.

Erzetich's gold-plated CD has been released in recognition of those outstanding independent musicians out there as well as being able to offer audiophiles an excellent audio experience, according to the Slovenian firm.

Erzetich Gold Audiophile Indie CD

The Gold compilation features a dozen tracks performed by talented independent musicians who have been chosen from several hundred that applied to be included. The songs have been organised on the album to bring together the wide range of genres including pop, rock, blues, and new-age.

Artists featured on the compilation are Mark Newman, The Inoculated Canaries, The Blue Dolphins (band of five-time Grammy award-winning producer/engineer), Jordan Paul, Alice Callari, Katie Ainge, The Fairest and Best, Mason Murphy, Lamontt, Tim McNary, Sweet Soubrette, and Catherine Duc (Grammy-nominated).

Erzetich Gold Audiophile Indie CD

Naturally, the prerequisite for song selection was that the music was superbly recorded, in addition to the artistic quality of the songs. This, says Erzetich, means that the CD will be welcomed by audiophiles and music fans.

Blaž Erzetič, the owner of the company, told StereoNET:

We manufacture products that let you enjoy the music to its fullest. That's why we are committed to working closely with the musicians, whether they are independent or famous and established. Our company will always continue to promote the art of music and good sound.

Price and availability

Gold is available from Erzetich's website for €10 with the payment covering only material costs and shipping. Erzitech says they make no profit from the sales as the CD is intended as a promotion of amazing indie musicians that deserve more attention for the quality work that they do.

For more information, head to Erzetich.


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