Erzetich Audio Unveils Thalia Portable Headphones

Posted on 5th November, 2019

Erzetich Audio Unveils Thalia Portable Headphones

Erzetich has just revealed its latest headphones - the portable Thalia.

The Erzetich Thalia is a more compact set of headphones that still features the handcrafted wood and metal build-quality and attention to detail that the rest of the range possesses.

Inspired by the goddess of festivity, Thalia promises a full, festival of sound and innovative design.

Erzetich Thalia

Available in Tilla (a rich dark wood) or Salvage (light, recycled spruce), the new headphones allows for an immersive audiophile experience while still allowing the outside in which is safer for those enjoying the outdoors.

Founder, Blaž Erzetič, told StereoNET:

After the success of our two existing headphone models, we decided to combine the power of these with the convenience of portability. The result is a set of on-ear headphones with a superlative sound, handcrafted style and outstanding quality.

The octagonal shape and unique wood design is pure Erzetich and gives the smaller Thalia a unique look.

Weighing just 270 grams, Thalia is tuned to provide superior quality sound for portable devices including DAP, phone, portable DAC and tablets.

The high-end sound quality is provided by 40mm titanium-coated drivers as well as cabling that uses silver-plated oxygen-free copper with gold-plated connectors.

Price and availability

Pre-orders for Thalia will be available from November the 5th until December the 15th at a special pre-order price of 449 Euros (regular price 599 Euros).

For more information, head to Erzetich Audio.


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