Elipson W35 Wireless Spherical Speaker

Posted on 14th November, 2019

Elipson W35 Wireless Spherical Speaker

A 'round' of applause for Elipson's new W35 wireless speaker.

French Hi-Fi firm, Elipson, has added the W35 wireless speaker to its Planet Series of loudspeakers.

Elipson W35

That's no moon…

Elipson W35Sporting a Death Star aesthetic, the £799 W35 (35cm diameter, 350W RMS) boasts an omnidirectional soundstage and will slurp up audio from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aptX sources. If you prefer to tether your sources by cable, there are also 3.5mm analogue, digital optical audio and USB.

Naturally, the multiroom-capable W35 plays nice with High-Res audio as well as Amazon Alexa devices - so voice control is also supported. Additionally, the W35 as its own app that unlocks native connectivity with Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Napster and internet radio.

Beneath the cloth covers, you'll find centrally mounted 25mm tweeters and a pair of 165mm mid/bass drivers. The central band is home for controls as well as the onboard amplifier.

For a finishing touch, you can add a tripod or single column stand, or simply sit it on a unit or bookshelf.

Price and availability

The Planet W35 is available in charcoal grey and costs £799.

For more information, roll on over to Elipson.


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