Elipson Chroma Turntable Range Released

Posted on 6th July, 2020

Elipson Chroma Turntable Range Released

Elipson Audio has unveiled its new Chroma Series range of turntables that replaces the Alpha and Omega series.

Elipson's new Chroma turntables promise to make vinyl playback even easier with most of the new range offering on-board pre-amplification, Bluetooth connectivity and USB outputs.

Elipson Chroma uk hifi news

The Chroma 200 and 400 ranges replace the French brand's Alpha and Omega series with prices starting at just £279 and going up to £699 for the range-topping Chroma Carbon RIAA BT. The new ranges each comprise of a standard deck, one with an integrated preamp, and one with a preamp, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB record output.

Elipson tells us that it has made various improvements over its predecessors to create the Chroma range, including advances in ease of use and sound quality.

Elipson Chroma uk hifi news
The Elipson Chroma receives a new rotary table axis system that's said to improve stability and precision, and a quieter electronic motor system with improved speed control that sits in a new damped housing resulting in reduced vibrations. For further speed stability, the platters are now two-part designs featuring a sub-platter with a ring sitting beneath a larger top platter.

The Chroma decks sport a manual lift on the tonearm that now includes graduation on the counterweight. You also get a free mechanical scale for easy adjustment. Several parts, including the digital motor toggle switch, have also been restyled, some with new and improved materials and finishes.

Elipson Chroma uk hifi news

Each Chroma turntable comes fitted with an Ortofon cartridge, most of which get the Ortofon OM10. However, the top two models are treated to the more advanced Ortofon 2MRed. The Chroma 200 decks sport a matte black PVC chassis and aluminium tonearms, while the Chroma 400 models have a high-gloss lacquered acrylic (PMMA) chassis and carbon fibre tonearms.

Elipson's new Chroma turntable range is available in the UK from July month with SRPs ranging from £279 for the entry-level Chroma 200 up to £699 for the flagship Chroma Carbon RIAA BT record player.

For more information, visit Elipson.


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