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by Jay Garrett

3rd April, 2019


The Elipson Bell range of ceiling-hanging speakers chimes the start of a new fashion for audio in communal areas.

Elipson's new installation speakers are, unsurprisingly, bell-shaped and designed to hang from the ceiling. The shape and fitment make them perfect for bars, restaurants, or perhaps your own expansive dining room, for instance.

Elipson Bell

The Bell comes in two sizes with the Bell 4 weighing in at 1.9kg and boasting a 12mm mylar tweeter mated with a 110mm polypropylene mid/bass unit. The 2.9kg Bell 6 has a 25mm tweeter and 20mm mid/bass driver.

Elipson Bell

Both Bells are available in black or white and feature two-way bass reflex ABS enclosures with coaxial drivers protected by close metal mesh grilles.

Elipson Bell

Hooking the Elipson Bell speakers up is made easier thanks to them coming bundled with their own bespoke fixing system complete with cables and hooks. According to the company, they are simple to install, and you'll be enjoying their 360-degree sound dispersion in no time.

Both Elipson Bell speakers are available now and cost £199 for the Bell 4 and £249 for Bell 6.

For more information, click Elipson.


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