Electrocompaniet Updates CD Player, Streaming DAC and Pre-Amplifier

Posted on 2nd December, 2019

Electrocompaniet Updates CD Player, Streaming DAC and Pre-Amplifier

Electrocompaniet has announced a trio of updated products in the EMC 1 MKV CD player, ECM 1 MKII streaming DAC and the EC 4.8 MKII pre-amplifier.

The Norwegian high-end audio brand has revealed a flurry of updated and upgraded components including a new CD player, DAC/Streamer and pre-amp.

EMC 1 MKV CD Player

Electrocompaniet EMC 1 MKV CD Player

The EMC 1 MKV (€5499) builds upon the legacy of the much-revered  EMC 1 UP CD player. Equipped with a new drive unit and updated electronics, the company promises improved sonic performance.

Additionally, the player is engineered for increased rigid construction, and the brand new chassis features an updated design that matches the new MKII edition of the streaming DAC and pre-amp (more on those later).

Naturally, the EMC 1 MK V sports a high-performance sample rate converter, fully balanced DAC combined with discrete analogue audio circuitry. Outputs are SPDIF COAX and SPDIF TOSLINK.

Finally, it features a unique cancellation system that cancels out acoustic/mechanical vibrations, preventing the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted and sonically degrading signals.

The EMC 1 MK V plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW, has a THD + N: <0.003%, 120 dB dynamic range and 0.05dB frequency deviation.

ECM 1 MKII Streaming DAC

Electrocompaniet ECM 1 MK II Streamer

The ECM 1 MKII (€4199) is a music streamer and player that runs on Electrocompaniet's new, in-house streaming software and app.

The ECM 1 MKII plays lossless, DSD and high-resolution digital content from Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz and can be fed through AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth. Network connectivity is via both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Additionally, the digital player can index and play from your network-stored music collection. The new hardware supports all popular formats and also supports a plug and play installation of 2.5 or 3.5-inch SATA drives.

Inputs are a pair of TosLink SPDIF (192 kHz, 24 bit) and two Coax SPDIF (192 kHz, 24 bit) as well as the USB used for external storage. There is a SPDIF Coax output from the streamer section as well as balanced and unbalanced analogue stereo outs from the DAC.

EC 4.8 MKII Pre-amplifier

Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 MKII Pre-amplifier

Electrocompaniet's MKII pre-amplifier (€3899) sports a stylish slim-line design and offers fully balanced operation from input to output. Designed as two separate mono preamplifiers, each with its own independent power supply, the EC 4.8 MKII boasts new mechanics and sonic enhancements. The dual-mono JFET transistor input stage outputs through high bias BJT transistors.

The company quotes a < -130 dB noise floor, channel separation > 120dB, and a 0.5 – 200 kHz frequency response. Gain is listed as -111dB to +6dB and output impedance, 100 Ohms.

The two-channel pre-amp has two sets of balanced inputs, three single-ended and one HT. Outputs are a set of balanced XLR and one fixed recording out.

Price and availability

All three components are available now.

  • EMC 1 MKV - €5499
  • ECM 1 MKII - €4199
  • EC 4.8 MKII - €3899

For more information, go to Electrocompaniet.


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