Eclipse Returns To Uk Hi-fi Show Live

Posted on 22nd October, 2019

Eclipse Returns To Uk Hi-fi Show Live

ECLIPSE is returning to UK Hi-Fi Show Live this weekend with its TD510ZMK2 floor-stander and the TD520SW subwoofer.

Following the Japanese firm's show debut in 2018 with one of its best-rated loudspeaker and subwoofer combinations, they are back this weekend (October 26th and 27th). 

TD510ZMK2 loudspeaker

The TD510ZMK2 (£3,840) showcases many proprietary ECLIPSE technologies. 


Easily recognisable due to its unique egg-shaped form, the speaker features an innovative vibration-eliminating airtight design, a custom 10cm full-range drive unit and the pioneering diffusion stay and mass anchor.

Available in both floor-standing (TD510ZMK2) and stand-mount versions (TD510MK2) in black, white and silver, the speaker offers the benefits of advanced Japanese design and engineering in a compact and affordable package. 

The stand-mount version can also be wall- and/or ceiling-mounted (with the CB1 bracket, £80).

TD520SW subwoofer

The musical TD520SW subwoofer (£3,000) uses comparatively small 20cm dual drive units that can be driven at high speed. The back-to-back drive units are connected with a sturdy aluminium shaft and 'float' inside the cabinet; specially selected materials are also used to suppress vibration.


The TD520SW uses a compact ICEpower-made high-output digital power amplifier which enables a smaller internal circuit while keeping high linearity at maximum output. 

Two input systems are provided with an independent audio volume and low-pass filter for use in two- and multi-channel modes. 


The TD520SW is available in a stunning piano black finish.

Experience ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE Decent Audio Windsor 2018

ECLIPSE can be found in room 329 of Ascot Racecourse where UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 will be hosted. The room will be presented by the company's UK distributor, Decent Audio.

The high-end system powering the TD510ZMK2 and TD520SW includes Ayre Acoustics' EX-8' digital' amplifier.


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