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16th April, 2019


Dynaudio and High End Munich are offering a chance to help unsigned artists get their big break during the show.

It isn't easy trying to 'make it' as a musician. I have been playing in groups since 1988 and have spent a few years as a 'sideman' and session player. I have had some near misses where the band nearly got its breaks, and loads of excellent experiences; however, many artists who deserve a real shot go unnoticed. In fact, according to Dynaudio, 91% of artists will go undiscovered.

High End Munich 2019 Dynaudio Unheard

Danish speaker brand Dynaudio along with High End Munich are offering free live recording sessions for unsigned artists the chance to get their big break - free of charge, with zero strings attached - at the 2019 event held in May.

The Dynaudio Unheard studio is a state-of-the-art pop-up recording facility built inside shipping containers and containing the latest tech from the world's best equipment makers. This high-end portable studio is touring the world searching for the best new artists.

As well as its modular construction, the studio differs from most as one side is entirely glass and enables everyone outside to watch the whole process. Moreover, a powerful front-of-house system pipes all the audio out to the crowd.

Dynaudio Unheard High End Munich 2019

If you are one of the chosen, you'll get one hour of recording time in a live session. Furthermore, you will be mentored by award-winning producer and mixer Ashley Shepherd (Peter Frampton, Blessid Union of Souls). Not only that, you get to keep the masters and film of your session to use however you want. You also will receive promotion on High End's and Dynaudio's social media accounts. You might even get an on-camera interview about you and your music.

Naturally, this is all free of charge, and without any strings attached. Yes, really. Everything you record in our Dynaudio Unheard studio is yours to keep. You can use it just as you see fit to promote yourself.

In return, Dynaudio Unheard will be able to use the recorded music, photos, film and interview to post on Facebook, share videos on YouTube, event films, and other types of content on other communication platforms.

Dynaudio Unheard High End Munich 2019

And because we've teamed up with Qobuz, you will also see your performance and music appear on its streaming service and social networks. That's potentially millions of extra pairs of ears to wrap themselves around your material.

Dynaudio knows what they're talking about too with almost four decades of experience in the professional world, catering for some of the world's biggest and most famous recording studios right down to small bedroom set-ups.

How to Apply for Dynaudio Unheard at High End Munch 2019

If I could get my lot over to Munich, I would. If you want in with a chance to take this opportunity with Dynaudio Unheard sign up at https://www.dynaudio.com/signup/unheard-munich-2019 for your chance to secure one of 12 coveted slots between May 9-12.

It's open to solo artists, bands, a cappella groups - anyone, as long as you're musical and there aren't more than six of you.


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