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Danish loudspeaker designers Dynaudio has created a new family of speakers named Evoke. The new series has been designed from the ground up yet features tech trickled down from some of its top-level ranges.

The Evoke range comprises two standmounts (Evoke 10 and 20), two floorstanders (Evoke 30 and 50) and, finally, the centre speaker (Evoke 25c) that enables this to become a home cinema system. Common between all these is the all-new Cerotar tweeter based on the two tweeter designs found in Dynaudio’s top-end Confidence and Special Forty speakers.

Additionally, Dynaudio has developed a new Hexis inner dome for the tweeter. Furthermore, by positioning the inner dome beneath the 28mm soft-dome diaphragm Dynaudio claims to have optimised airflow and so reduces resonances.

Dynaudio Evoke

Typically for Dynaudio speakers, the new Esotec+ woofers feature the brand’s proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragms.

The 14cm woofers in the Evoke 10, 30 and 25C speakers have new surrounds and advanced Ferrite+ magnet systems for improved frequency response and dynamics. The larger 18cm drivers in the Evoke 20 and 50 are said to use technology from the Contour and Confidence speakers.

The Evoke 50’s 15cm midrange driver is directly derived from the £7500 Contour 60s, too.

Dynaudio product manager Otto Jørgensen told StereoNET

We created Evoke because we want everyone to be able to enjoy genuine hi-fi – the thing we all aspire to – without having to rearrange rooms, throw out much-loved equipment, or agonise over the price. We created Evoke for the people who agonise over what to listen to next.

Evoke 10 (£1250) is a compact two-way standmount speaker with a 14cm long-throw woofer. Like all new Evoke models, it features Dynaudio’s new 28mm Cerotar tweeter with the new Hexis inner dome.

Evoke 20 (£1800) is the larger of the two Evoke stand-mounted speakers. This two-way design pairs the 28mm Cerotar tweeter and Hexis with an 18cm long-throw woofer.

Evoke 30 (£2900) is a compact 2.5-way floorstander. Under one metre tall, it has two 14cm long-throw woofers and the 28mm Cerotar tweeter featuring the Hexis inner dome to make for some serious presence.

Evoke 50 (£3900) is a large three-way floor-standing loudspeaker. The biggest loudspeaker of the Evoke line, it combines a single 15cm midrange driver with a pair of 18cm long-throw woofers and the Cerotar tweeter, fitted with the Hexis.

Evoke 25C (£1100) is a 2.5-way centre channel speaker comprising two 14cm long-throw woofers, as well as the range’s Cerotar tweeter (and Hexis), ensuring sonic parity in Evoke multi-channel systems.

The Evoke range is available in black gloss, white gloss, walnut wood and blonde wood finishes.

For more information, head on over to Dynaudio.


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