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French audio maestros, Devialet, obviously know a thing-or-two about making attractive hardware. They are no slouches when it comes to technology either.

Continuing their quest for the best in futuristic audio components, Devialet has just announced its latest additions to the Expert Pro range.

The Expert 140 Pro and Expert 210 Pro Dual systems are the newest members of the Expert Pro family. Naturally, they feature all of Devialet's exclusive technologies to deliver unmatched performance.

The two newly released amplifiers are also equipped with Core Infinity, Expert Pro's new intelligent core. Devialet says, “the most awarded audio system in the world just got more affordable and versatile”.


The Expert 140 Pro (£4490) cuts the familiar Devialet silhouette being hewn from a single block of aluminium and finished in dark chrome. The 5.65kg amplifier boasts a power output of 2x140 Watts at 6 Ohms with distortion at full power measured at just 0.0005%. The signal-to-noise ratio is rated at 130dB.

Connectivity, of course, includes dual-band Wi-Fi as well as Gigabit Ethernet. There's also USB Audio 2.0 Asynchronous input as well as up to four RCA digital coax inputs, TOSLINK, and a stereo pair of RCA analogue inputs that can be used for the MM/MC phono stage. The speaker binding posts will accept 4mm banana plugs, fork connectors or stripped cables. It is also comfortable with all speakers rated at 8 Ohms to 2 Ohms.

Supported formats include up to 32bits / 192kHz PCM (USB), up to 24bits / 192kHz PCM (AIR, UPnP, Coaxial), Up to 24bits / 96kHz PCM (Optical), and finally, up to 1bit / 3.072000MHz DSD64 (USB, Coaxial).


The Expert 210 Pro Dual (£8900) offers the prowess of dual-mono amplification. However, you can daisy-chain up to 8 of the 5.65kg units.

The Expert 201 duo offers 2x210 Watts and a THD+N at full power of just 0.00025%, while the Signal-to-noise ratio is 133dB.
The Expert 210 Pro Dual supports the same formats as the 140 but throws in a few more inputs.

Both the Expert 140 Pro and Expert 210 Pro Dual features the latest Devialet OS and comes equipped with future-proof computing power. Core Infinity opens Expert Pro to the world of music streaming, bringing you a variety of leading streaming protocols.

Core Infinity

Core Infinity opens up new possibilities for Expert Pro, bringing you the latest in music streaming as it unfolds. Whatever audiophile player or online music service you're using, the different streaming protocols embedded in Core Infinity allows you to enjoy them fully and simply on your Expert Pro.

Core Infinity is built for long-lasting performance. The board comes with a Quadcore ARM processor clocked at 1GHz, supported by 1GB of RAM-DDR3 memory and 4GB of Flash memory.

Now, for the tech. The main CPU is supported by an FPGA specifically to provide extra computing power to Devialet OS, in turn, optimising audio signal routing and reworking clock distribution which Devialet says, minimises digital jitter.

Devialet also tells us that the gain in audio quality is substantial. A second audio DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides additional headroom on top of the DSP already included in the motherboard to support future signal processing features.
Three ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters) are employed to leave ample room for future developments, and in particular compatibility with additional sources.

Expert Pro for streaming audio

When used as a UPnP renderer, Expert Pro can stream music from any UPnP-compatible app, up to 24bits / 192kHz. AirPlay also lets you stream your favourite online music in CD quality from any iOS or Mac OS-enabled device, or via iTunes on Windows-based computers and tablets.

Spotify Connect gives you the freedom to enjoy your Spotify Premium membership on Expert Pro, with bespoke volume control integration and automatic wake-up function.

Finally, the Devialet-patented AIR technology transforms your Expert Pro into a virtual soundcard output for your favourite audiophile player, with up to 24bits / 192kHz streaming in bit-perfect mode.

Upcoming Bluetooth capabilities for Core Infinity will help make Expert Pro even more open and universal in the future.

Bonus for current Expert owners

If you have an Expert 130 Pro with Core Infinity, simply install the latest 13.0.0 firmware available from your Devialet account to bring extra power and Dual-Mono compatibility to your Expert Pro.

However, if you have an Expert Pro without Core Infinity, simply register it on your Devialet account and order your free-of-charge hardware upgrade to Core Infinity.

If you have a non-Pro Expert, then stayed tuned as an upgrade programme to Expert Pro with Core Infinity will re-open soon.

For more information visit Devialet.


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