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Denon and Marantz have evidently been busy with the imminent arrival of a moveable feast of swank new models.

Denon a traditional audio brand, has morphed into the master maker of wireless multi-room and streaming components largely thanks to the HEOS branch of its corporation.

While HEOS supplies the wireless, multi-room technology, Denon (and its partner brand Marantz) supply more than half a century of audio sound experience.

This heady blend was used to build Denon’s new Envaya range of wireless speakers. Accolades here to Denon for resisting the urge to plonk mediocre, lacklustre model numerals and letters on the new speakers.

What we get instead are the delightful names, Envaya, Envaya Mini and Envaya Pocket models. Great names and ones easy for consumers to recall.

So pay attention Denon’s rivals and rethink your cruddy model designations.

The Envaya is the largest model in the range and one that doubles as an indoor or outdoor speaker. The Envaya mini is clearly more compact whilst the Envaya Pocket as the name implies, is built for those on the go.

Denon Envaya Mini

The feature in common to the three is Bluetooth aptX technology that ensures a 30-foot range and the ability to add another speaker to make a stereo pair. The trio works with Google Now and Siri, are waterproof and are said to have a battery life of 10 to 30 hours.

The Envaya has two inbuilt 13-watt amplifiers, the Mini has a pair of 8.5 watters and the Pocket carries two six and a half watt amplifiers. The available finishes are black or grey and each speaker has a clever carrying strap.

HEOS is never far from Denon’s plans and to confirm this company has announced five new AV receivers with HEOS technology.

Each carries a clumsy model number. Very unimaginative, Denon.

Denon AVR-X6400H 11 Channel AV Receiver

The 11-channel AVR-X6400H is the range flagship. Next comes the 9-channel AVR-X4400H, followed by the 7-channel models: the AVR-X1400H, the AVR-X2400 and finally the AVR-X3400H.

The X6400H has a 5.1 bi-amping mode and features 13.2 processing and 13.2 preout. It carries an all-new 32-bit DAC. This flagship delivers 205 watts from each of its 11 channels.

Connections include 8 HDMI with 4K-60hz pass-through (HDCP 2.2).

Denon AVR-X4400H AV Receiver

The AVR-X440H has nine 200 watt per channels of amplification with 11.2 processing. It has 8 HDMI with 4K pass-through.

The 7-channel receiver’s power specs are: AVR-X3400H 180-watt X 7, AVR-2400H 150 watts x 7 and the AVR-X1400H is 145-watts x 7.

Denon isn’t ignoring its audio tradition and is set to release additional models to bolster its Design Series of HiFi components.

The DRA-100 is an all-in-one package that’s essentially a DAC, streamer, amplifier and Bluetooth receiver. Amplifier chosen for the DRA-100 is a 70-watt per channel Class D model.

Denon DAR-100

The new DCD100 CD player is an ideal match for the DRA-100. This model will playback CD-Rs and RWs, WMA and MP3 audio files. DAC used is a 32-bit/192kHz model. The new player has both digital and optical outputs.

Also new is the PMA30 amplifier that provides 40-watts per channel of power. It can be used horizontally or vertically.

The matching CD player is the DCD50, a model with a 32-bit/192kHz DAC and that reads the same discs as the DCD-100 model.

Marantz hasn’t been idle and is set to release a new stereo amplifier called the PM8006.

Marantz PM8006

Built like Abrams tank, the PM8006 a double-shielded Torodial power transformer and solid aluminium heat sinks. It carries a triple density base plate and comes with vibration dampening isolation feet. The chassis is made from solid copper.

The PM8006 is equipped with an especially designed moving magnet phono stage and electric volume control. Power rating is 70 watts per channel.

Australian distributor QualiFi has not yet confirmed local pricing or availability.

For more information visit the Denon and Marantz brand pages.

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