Posted on 2nd May, 2019


DALI will be showing off its new addition to the Katch range with the DALI Katch One.

DALI has chosen the High End Munich show to introduce its first dedicated soundbar dubbed the Katch One. For those who are aware of the Kubrik One - that particular bar is an all-in-one sound system.

DALI KATCH ONE High End Munich

Everyone here will be familiar with the situation - TVs are getting thinner and thinner and, unfortunately, so are their sound performance. Thus improving the TV audio by adding an external Soundbar is a standard solution.

The Danish audiophiles state that they are taking home entertainment to a whole new level by combing superior audio reproduction with a fresh, appealing look.

DALI KATCH ONEWith an impressive ten built-in drivers, the Katch One should be able to move ample air, especially when combined with its 200-watt amplifier. DALI reckons it has the power to deliver all the audio you’ll need, even in large living rooms.

The Katch One can either sit on its rounded feet or suspend beneath your flat-screen gogglebox from special hanging mounts.

We are fans of the Katch portable speaker (just check out our review) and so are expecting great things from the Katch One.

We've not managed to get the UK pricing for the Katch One yet, but we have had tell that they will retail for 749 euros.

Naturally, the DALI Oberon stable of entry-level speakers will also be well represented.

Oberon has the honour of being the brand’s first entry-level loudspeaker to incorporate DALI’s unique SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) technology. This, combined with DALI’s brand-new 29mm soft dome tweeter, large signature wood-fibre cones and rigid-build MDF cabinets, results in a series of speakers that deliver a sonic performance way above its price-point.

You will find DALI in Room D108, Atrium 3 of the show.


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