Posted on 14th April, 2019


Cyrus has launched its soundBuds True Wireless Stereo in-ear headphones.

Cyrus Audio has joined the increasingly competitive marked of true wireless earphones with the soundBuds. The new performance wireless in-ear headphones boast an advanced acoustic design that promises to deliver remarkable sound quality at a very affordable price.  

Cyrus soundBuds true wireless earphones

The Cyrus soundBuds use a small but very high-performance driver resulting in an engineered acoustic with a level of refinement, spacial positioning and full-bodied frequency response.

Being small and wireless the soundBuds are the perfect partner for those who enjoy listening to music at the gym, outdoors, running, cycling, and that kind of thing. The Bud's soft hook system comes in three different sizes meaning you'll get a perfect fit and that the soundBuds will stay put no matter what you are doing. Additionally, thanks to their in-built mic, you can take your calls hands-free, too.

Cyrus soundBuds true wireless earphones

The Cyrus soundBuds have two hours play time before they need topping up. The compact storage case is also a charging station, with enough capacity to fully recharge the soundBuds three times before it too needs a charge.   

Cyrus Audio's Chairman, Simon Freethy, told StereoNET:

We are delighted to offer soundBuds as part of our growing consumer audio range. This is the fastest growing sector within the headphone market, and the ability to offer this level of quality at this price is genuinely exciting.  The emergence of new technologies is enabling us to offer products like soundBuds and soundKey, that can bring a better music experience to a growing market of younger audio consumers.

SoundBuds are available now for £79.

For more information, head on over to Cyrus Audio.


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