Cyrus Science Lab Dealer Tutorial

Posted on 12th October, 2020

Cyrus Science Lab Dealer Tutorial

Cyrus has created a new online training platform dubbed Cyrus Science Lab for its dealers worldwide.

The Cyrus Science Lab is an online training tool aimed at getting Cyrus's dealers and salespeople up-to-scratch with all the company's latest technologies and designs to the point that they can confidently answer any questions from potential purchasers.
Cyrus Science Lab has launched with six modules: Introduction to Cyrus, Introduction to Classic Series, ONE Series, QXR DAC Technology, CD Servo Evolution Technology, and the Phono Signature. Each module offers a series of tutorials, followed by a short quiz.

Cyrus Science Lab

As well as collecting certificates, and rewards for each module passed, the participant also progresses towards becoming a Cyrus Master. Of course, more modules are on their way and, no doubt, refreshers and bolt-ons as technologies are improved.
Simon Freely, Managing Director at Cyrus, told StereoNET:

We've created a fun and interactive way for our dealers to get to know the Cyrus brand and build up their understanding of the underlying engineering that makes our products perform so well. We believe this will help our dealers better explain the products to customers enabling them to be confident in selecting the best products for their needs and thereby build a better home listening experience through the superb audio performance of Cyrus Audio.

We at StereoNET would love to see a consumer variant, too. Perhaps not such a deep-dive and no certificates, but an engaging way of discovering more about specific products and technologies.

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