Custom MOON 810LP - The Prettiest Star

Posted on 27th January, 2020

Custom MOON 810LP - The Prettiest Star

Simaudio's MOON 810LP phono preamplifier is already highly regarded by all who have experienced it - but it has just got much more personal.

Where you might already take the MOON 810LP phono preamp for an audition thinking Let's Spend the Night Together and, over some Time watching your records go 'Round and 'Round, consider making a purchase - now it can also be regarded as The Prettiest Star.

MOON 810LP Aladdin Sane

Custom MOON 810LP Aladdin Sane

Simaudio has created a truly unique version of the MOON 810LP that not only shows off the brand's skills and creativity but aims to bring your vinyl recordings to life even more than ever.

This very special edition 810LP features a CNC cut aluminium body and a custom high-gloss, ice-white finish for main case and sides. Additionally, the face and legs of the preamp have been treated to a splash of chrome. However, its the iconic Aladdin Sane flash that is the pièce de résistance. The famous Bowie lightning bolt was applied using enamel paint, with 1mm steps for each layer of colour. The result is a bold, raised effect. To complete the stunning appearance, a personalised chrome plate was applied to the top.

Custom MOON 810LP Aladdin Sane

Underneath the fantastic David Bowie tribute artistry is the flagship MOON 810LP that features a suspension that eliminates microphonics and provides an incredible level of input optimisation for any cartridge to ensure the best analogue sound replay, according to the Canadian manufacturer. The quoted frequency response is 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.1dB with a THD of 0.0008%.

Custom MOON

To find out more about creating your very own customised MOON performance audio product, please contact Renaissance Audio:

For more information, check out MOON by Simaudio.


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