Posted on 13th August, 2019


COTODAMA has joined with renowned fashion brand, Saint Laurent, to produce a special edition of its Lyric Speaker Canvas.

The Japanese tech company has joined forces the Saint Laurent luxury brand and together have released an all-black version of the Lyric Speaker Canvas.

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas

For those who may have missed the original announcement in December 2017, the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas first appeared sporting a silver and black design.  In this version, the silver rear panel houses two coaxial loudspeakers and two drone cones. The speaker can play 96khz/24bit FLAC files and has a range of 40Hz to 40kHz.

COTODAMA x Saint Laurant Lyric Canvas

The black front panel is a screen that displays song lyrics as the music plays. Although one actual unit, the design is supposed to evoke the look of LPs leaned up against your wall or cabinet. The Lyric Speaker Canvas is just a tad larger than a record sleeve, at 18.7-inches wide by 14.7-inches tall.

COTOADAMA x Saint Laurant Lyric Canvas

As the music plays, the front panel screen links with databases such as PetitLyrics and then displays the words in time with the song.


Additionally, the system analyses the song’s mood and then selects fonts and animations to match.

Saint Laurent Limited Edition Lyric Speaker Canvas

The newly announced limited edition version differs from the original by its little black outfit as well as being branded with Saint Laurent’s logo in a subtle grey just a few shades lighter than the inky black background.

COTODAMA x Saint Laurant Lyric Canvas

The collaborative speaker is made from 50% ABS, 30% acrylic resin and 20% steel. It boasts Wi-Fi and offers Airplay, Google Cast, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and Apple Music, to name but a few.

Price and availability

The limited-edition Saint Laurent x COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas is exclusive to Rive Droite locations in Paris and Los Angeles and is priced at $2,655 US.


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