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Clearaudio has a raft of products on the way including the new Jubilee moving coil and moving magnet cartridges, the V2 series of phono cartridges and a pair of battery-packing DC power supplies.

Jubilee MC

Clearaudio Jubilee MC

The new Jubilee moving coil phono cartridge is the first Clearaudio cartridge with a body created from Panzerholz, a high-tech, natural wood product manufactured in Germany. This remarkable material already contributes to the exceptional performance of a number of our turntables, thanks to its high density, high strength and extremely low resonance. And yet, despite being dense enough to sink in water and strong enough to be bullet-proof, Panzerholz is also surprisingly light in weight. Add to this an exceptional paint and polish finish borrowed from the company's local violin makers, and you have a magnificent 'musical instrument' indeed - a true marriage of cutting-edge technology and acoustic craftsmanship. The Jubilee MC uses a boron cantilever with a Gyger S double polished stylus and 24-karat gold coil.

The 50 Ohm impedance, 7.4g cart has a frequency response of 20 Hz – 100 kHz and a 2.8 g tracking force. Output voltage is 0.6 mV at 5 cm/s.

Jubilee MM

The new Clearaudio MM Jubilee Panzerholz phono cartridge is part of the V2 series and made out of the same bullet-proof wood as their flagship turntable and the MC cart.

Clearaudio V2 Series

Clearaudio V2 MM cartridge range

The Clearaudio V2 moving magnet cartridges are meticulously measured, analysed, and hand-selected into four performance levels. This way, Clearaudio achieves the best stereo channel matching, minimum phase error and distortion, flattest frequency response and highest dynamic range for each price point, says the German company.

Clearaudio told StereoNET:

The cartridges produce an audiophile sound of superlative quality – spatially detailed and vividly textured, with bass that does not wallow and treble that is not harsh. The models of the Clearaudio MM V2 series provide outstanding sound quality on all current tonearms.

The rest of the V2 series use ebony wood for their body material except the concept V2 which uses aluminium. The V2 carts weigh 8.4g, and most have an output voltage of 3.6 mV apart from the Performer V2 and Concept, which are rated at 3.3 mV.

Frequency response across the V2 range appears to be 20 Hz - 20kHz, except for the Artist V2 whose response is listed as 23 Hz - 20 kHz.

Cantilevers are mostly aluminium, with the Maestro V2 sporting a boron/HD diamond number.

As well as the cartridges, there are a couple of neat-looking DC power supplies coming too.

Smart Power 24V

Clearaudio Smartpower 24v

The smart power 24V is a battery-based DC power supply upgrade, designed to unleash more of  Clearaudio’s Ovation, Innovation and Statement turntables' potential. The device marries intelligent circuit technology with long-lasting NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) rechargeable batteries to deliver 24V of pure, clean, fluctuation-free power. The smart power 24V can be set to switch automatically from battery play mode into recharging mode if desired. Even when recharging, it continues to offer an improvement in sound quality as well as adding safety features such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage. Its elegant, low-key design includes a dimmable LCD.

Smart Power 12V

Clearaudio Smart Power 12V

The smart power 12V is a battery-based DC power supply upgrade designed for Clearaudio’s Concept series and Performance DC turntables. Like the smart power 24V, it provides clean power that is independent of the variability and inherent noise of the mains supply. With a minimal output impedance, it delivers a steady, stable voltage, allowing your concept or Performance DC turntable to maintain perfect speed stability. When used with the concept active turntable, the 12V smart power comes into its own as both the turntable’s motor and the onboard phonostage are fed with pure, clean DC power.

Again, like the 24V version, the smart power 12V can be set to switch automatically from battery play mode into recharging mode and will continue to enhance your turntable’s performance and protect it from short circuits and power surges, even while charging.

Price and availability

UK pricing for the new Clearaudio offerings has yet to be set. However, we have been told that we can expect these items later in the year.


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