Chord Electronics 2go and 2yu Announced

Posted on 13th February, 2020

Chord Electronics 2go and 2yu Announced

Chord Electronics adds more capabilities to Hugo 2 with 2go and then gives the new network and storage module its own 2yu optional digital interface.

Following on from Chord Electronics' recent full-size announcements of its ULTIMA PRE 2 and new ULTIMA 5 and 6 power amps comes something much more portable.

Chord Electronics 2go for Hugo 2

Chord 2go and Hugo 2

Firstly, Chord's 2go is a high-performance network module based around a powerful triple-core audio processor that hands the much-loved Hugo 2 DAC Wi-Fi and Ethernet skills, kind of like a beefed-up Poly. Naturally, it also features Chord's propriety British technology.

Chord Electronics 2go

As well as converting Hugo 2 into a fully-fledged streaming DAC thanks to onboard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, A2DP Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet, 2go also benefits from a pair of 2 TB-rated SD card slots for digital storage and playback. Once loaded with tunes, Hugo 2 then becomes a high-capacity solid-state digital music server (using MPD), all from a compact, space-saving and highly portable device.

Chord Electronics 2go and Hugo 2
Additionally, when using a fully-charged 2go with Hugo 2, you are untethered from the power socket and so removing the potentially degrading influence of AC mains noise and artefacts. Furthermore, 2go has a neat auto-switching input function; meaning that every audio interface is always on, therefore switching between inputs is as easy as hitting 'play' on the chosen control point app and 2go switches automatically

Chord 2go

2go offers Tidal, Qobuz and Internet radio playback with Spotify and more earmarked for the future. as well as being Roon Ready. You also get gapless audio and DoP/Bit Perfect support. Finally, the module is fully DLNA-compliant (server/renderer) and AirPlay-ready.

Set-up is via Chord Electronics' Gofigure configuration app, which is also being upgraded and streamlined for Android users. The updated version (due early 2020) will feature simplified, intuitive operation for fast and efficient set-up, a new quick Wi-Fi configuration option, plus a new Bluetooth LE configuration option.

Chord Electronics 2yu

Chord Electronics 2yu

However, 2go is much more than just a networking bolt-on for Hugo 2. Chord Electronics has also developed 2yu, a digital interface that connects to 2go and provides four digital outputs - USB, optical, coaxial and BNC. The 2go and 2yu partnership now create a standalone Chord Electronics streamer/server. This compact system can be partnered with any compatible DAC or digital-input device; you can even add the Hugo M Scaler for 768kHz upscaling.

Chord Electronics 2yu and 2go

2yu boasts 2,000 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power, an integrated sample rate converter, plus a low-jitter audio phase lock loop. The compact nature of 2go with 2yu makes it perfect for installers wishing to create a discreet remote Roon streaming solution: the duo can be wired into an Ethernet port to provide streaming to a system in any room. 2yu alone can also be used with PCs and Macs via USB to create a high-quality USB-to-digital-audio converter for audio.

Chord Electronics 2go Debut

The clever 2go module will make its world debut at CanJam New York (15/16th Feb.), followed by its European premiere at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show (21-23rd Feb.).

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Price and availability

Like all of Chord Electronics' hardware, 2go and 2yu are handmade in the UK and share the same aircraft-grade aluminium casework, along with design cues from the Hugo 2.

The Chord Electronics 2go is available now for £995, and 2yu will cost £449 when it becomes available in the next few weeks.

Hugo 2 is priced at £1,800.

For more information, go to Chord Electronics.


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