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13th September, 2018

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Chord Company has launched their SignatureXL speaker cables, marking this evolution with the introduction of modern technology plus the new silver-plated ChordOhmic plugs.

The all-new SignatureXL speaker cable is the first product from the Wiltshire company to feature the new high-performance dielectric, XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene). The introduction of XLPE follows the successful implementation of Chord Company's Taylon dielectric in its flagship ChordMusic and, more recently, Sarum T speaker cables.

Chord SignatureXL Speaker cable

chord signature XL speaker cable coil

With material technology continually developing and improving, alternatives to PTFE, such as XLPE, have allowed Chord Company to make performance improvements where the prohibitive cost of Taylon would otherwise prevent its use. Additionally, the new, improved SignatureXL has been developed to perfectly complement the Signature Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY analogue and digital interconnects.

The original Signature was Chord Company's first high-frequency shielded speaker cable. Back in 2003, at the cable's release, it marked a massive leap in speaker cable performance. Refinements to the cable's design over the years include conductor insulation and shielding. The latest UK-designed-and-built SignatureXL speaker cable offers a notable performance upgrade. Furthermore, the cables carry a lifetime guarantee.

ChordOhmic plugs

ChordOhmic spade connectors

SignatureXL speaker cable is the first new speaker cable to launch with the factory-fitted ChordOhmic speaker plugs. The plugs offer the proven conductivity and signal-preservation benefits of silver, backed up by the UK market leader's legendary build quality.

SignatureXL will make its world debut at the Festival of Sound show in London (28th – 30th September 2018, Sancerre suite). We will, of course, be there.

Price and availability

SignatureXL is available now in red/black or all-black: 1.5m £900; extra metre £300.

For more information, go to Chord Company.


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