Canton’s GLE Speaker Range Remains Affordable

Posted on 21st December, 2016

Canton’s GLE Speaker Range Remains Affordable

Indi imports is smiling thanks to the US Federal Reserve. With interest rates rising in America, many in the audio industry expect the price of imported US speaker brands to head north.

But according to Indi Imports the prices of its German-made Canton speakers range should remain the same.

Canton GLE426Right now, the Canton GLE speaker range of 7 models is priced from $499 for a nicely finished compact to $1499 for a large floorstander.  Up down or sideways, according to Indi Imports no matter in what direction US rates travel, the price of the Canton speakers in Australia have flat lined.

The GLE range comprises the $499 GLE 416 two-way compact, the $499 GLE417 on-wall speakers, the $599 GLE426 2-way compact, the $699 GLE436 a medium-sized two-way compact, the $499 GLE456 centre speaker, the $1199 GLE476 three-way floorstander and the $1499 GLE496 four-way floorstander.

The model that’s going to please plenty of ears is the $599 2-way compact, the GLE426. It’s affordable, made in Germany will handle 70-130 watts, has a frequency range of 42…30Kz, a nominal impedance of 4-8 ohms and a real world sensitivity of 86.5dB.

Not overly large the dimensions are 29.5cm high, 27cm deep and 17 cm wide. Canton have cleverly engineered each GLE model so it presents a narrow front profile whilst the cabinets retain volume via their depth.

Either way, the GLE426 is well priced and just the size to use in small to mid-sized listening rooms.

The GLE range incorporates soft dome tweeters throughout and uses polycarbonate loudspeaker baskets.  The baffles of the new GLE speakers are integrated into the housing that stylistically makes each speaker slimmer and more elegant.

Canton GLE Finishes

Canton's GLE range is available now.

For more information visit Indi Imports.

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