Canton Dm76 And Dm101 Super-sized Soundbases

Posted on 7th October, 2019

Canton Dm76 And Dm101 Super-sized Soundbases

Canton's latest DM76 and DM101 soundbases are now available in the UK.

Canton soundbases are often acknowledged as some of the best out there as well as a neat way to transform your TV's sound.

The German company's latest, the DM76 and DM101, have landed in the UK and have been designed to match our love of even larger TVs.

Canton DM76 and DM101 Soundbase

With dimensions of 72.5x7.1x32cm (WxHxD), the DM76 is ideal for TV screen sizes of 40-inches and upwards.

Canton DM76 DM101 Soundbase

A powerful 200W amplifier drives a two-way stereo loudspeaker array, comprising a pair of 50mm midrange drivers and two 19mm fabric-dome tweeters. A downward-firing subwoofer section adds four 100mm bass drivers to deliver impressively deep and punchy low frequencies.

Canton DM76 DM101 Soundbase

The DM101 is larger still, a potent option for TVs with a screen size of 50-inches or more. Here you have a cabinet measuring 100x7.1x33cm (WxHxD) that also incorporates a 200W amplifier.

However, the number of 50mm midrange drivers double from two to four – two per channel. The complement of tweeters and downward-firing bass drivers is the same as in the DM76.

You can choose between 2.1 stereo and virtual surround modes – including a surround mode specifically for music – with decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround.

Canton DM76 DM101 Soundbase

Bass, midrange and treble controls enable you to tailor the sound according to taste. Furthermore, three equaliser presets help dial in the perfect sound no matter the soundbase's location.

Additional settings include a Voice Mode that emphasises speech for added clarity, a Hotel Mode that allows the maximum volume level to be restricted and Lip-Sync technology that synchronises speech precisely with the visual content displayed onscreen.


The DM76 and DM101 are designed to be simple to set up and use, with one signal cable from the TV and another for power.

Connectivity options include coaxial and optical digital inputs along with with an RCA analogue input. Also, there's a subwoofer out should you feel the need to add even more low-end.

Additionally, aptX Bluetooth and Easy Pairing are also onboard for smart device streaming audio.

Build Quality

Naturally, both soundbase models are built to high-performance hi-fi loudspeaker standards.

The main cabinet is fashioned from reinforced HDF, specified to support up to 40kg. So, you can rest assured it will take the weight of your colossal telly.

Canton DM76 DM101 Soundbase

Premium touches include a lacquered finish and a top surface made from heat-treated glass. We also like the sleekly integrated metal grille, with a cool blue LED display behind it.

The design will blend well in any room and with any decor – sleek and unassuming, yet a product of unmistakable class.

Price and availability

Both models are available now in a choice of black or silver. The RRP for the Canton DM76 is £449, and the Canton DM10, £549.

For more information, head to Canton.


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