Cambridge Audio Making TV Sound Great Again

Posted on 2nd March, 2016

Cambridge Audio Making TV Sound Great Again

Cambridge Audio have brought their 40 years of sound engineering expertise to the soundbar market for the first time, with the launch of the new Cambridge TVB2. 

As flat screen TVs have become thinner and thinner, they no longer have space for good quality built-in speakers, resulting in a thin, tinny, flat and lifeless sound. To combat this, Cambridge have created the TVB2, which provides the perfect solution to this increasingly common problem.

Set to add punch and impact to movies, clarity to dialogue and fidelity to music, the Cambridge TVB2 promises to deliver a perfectly balanced, realistic and musical sound.

The development process for the TVB2 has entailed hundreds of hours in development, where the company put the TVB2 through rigorous testing, listening and making refinements on the design. 

The result is said to be a premium product, with a discrete footprint that is simple to use and subtly styled to blend in with any modern décor while offering a true, refined and balanced hi-fi quality sound that allows the TVB2 to be classed as a genuine Cambridge product.

According to Cambridge Audio, the TVB2 offers a wide, room-filling and detailed sound thanks to the use of two 4th generation patented BMR speaker drivers – also used in the company’s award-winning, flagship Aeromax 6 speakers. With 120W of class D amplification, the BMR drivers deliver mid and high frequencies with a wide dispersion not usually possible from such a small speaker, whilst the bass is handled expertly by the 10cm separate, wireless subwoofer.

The result makes for a larger “sweet spot” and allows listeners to sit anywhere in the room with the TVB2 always sounding great.

Effortless to use and extremely well connected, the TVB2 features IR remote learning and auto power on/off, whilst with 3 HDMI inputs - all with 4K pass through - and a single HDMI ARC output, you can connect all input devices to the soundbar and run just one cable to your TV. 

However, the TVB2 is more than just a TV sound system, and in fact offers a complete sound solution. High quality Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly connects with phones, tablets and computers, unlocking music stored on the devices or streamed from services such as BBC iPlayer Radio, Spotify and YouTube. Near field communication (NFC) one-touch pairing also makes it extremely easy to pair with compatible devices. Alternatively, optical digital and AUX analogue inputs make the TVB2 a versatile solution capable of playing audio from any device.

Four adjustable EQ modes (TV, music, film and voice) enhance the sound experience depending on the listening material or personal preference, proving the TVB2 to be a system that sounds superb whatever the source. 

Designed to either sit in front of the TV or to be wall mounted, the TVB2 will fit seamlessly into any interior, bringing an instant high quality upgrade to all TVs, and giving great room-filling sound without the clutter.

The Cambridge Audio TVB2 is available now for $749 RRP. 

Cambridge Audio is distributed in Australia by Synergy Audio Visual.

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