Posted on 1st May, 2018


The SME Audio name needs little introduction at least to vinyl enthusiasts, renowned for its excellent work in the turntable world over the years.

In big news for the analog world, news has reached us that SME has acquired the rights to Garrard from IGB Gradiente S.A, a Brazilian firm that took over the brand in the late 1970s. Held in particular esteem are the iconic 301 and 401 transcription turntables.

Garrard originated from Swindon but it is doubtful that the name will return to its original plant, but that would be poetic, wouldn’t it?

However, it is expected that SME will further develop the Garrard brand and we could see new products in the ‘near future’.

SME has put a cherry on top of this deal acquiring West Berkshire-based Loricraft Audio at the same time. They just happened to be the only authorised company to service, rebuild and provide manufacturing support for Garrard products since 1997.

CEO of SME, Stuart McNeilis, told StereoNET UK:

Responsible for true icons of vinyl reproduction with the 301 and 401 turntables, in many ways, Garrard’s legacy mirrors SME’s, with precision engineering, design and manufacturing, based in the UK. Many of these great turntables were paired with SME tonearms and there has always been a natural synergy between the two company’s products.  As an iconic British brand, Garrard deserves to be enjoyed by a new generation of audiophiles.

Loricraft Audio, now supported by SME, will continue offering its re-build and repair service for Garrard 301’s and 401’s, along with the supply of its accessories and record cleaning machines.

SME also says it will reveal something new at the upcoming High End Show in Munich next week; as if the revival of Garrard wasn't enough!

StereoNET will, of course, be on hand in Munich reporting live from the High End Show.

For more information visit SME Audio.


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