Bowers & Wilkins Launches CM10

Posted on 16th October, 2013

Bowers & Wilkins Launches CM10

CM10 is the new flagship loudspeaker of B&W's CM Series. Featuring tweeter-on-top technology, a new tweeter design, a decoupled FSTTM midrange and three bass drivers for a breath-taking performance, available now in four finishes.

According to Australian distributors, Convoy, the launch of CM10 is a defining moment for the highly regarded series. It sets a new standard for performance, features a number of innovations and introduces several core Bowers & Wilkins technologies to the range.

B&W also went on to explain specifically the improvements and their end result over the CM9 model.

CM10 is the first model in the CM Series to feature the tweeter-on-top configuration, a hallmark of the acclaimed Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond found in some of the world's most demanding recording studios. B&W says Isolating the tweeter in this way aids imaging and dispersion, creating a more natural, spacious sound. CM10 uses a distinctive tweeter housing that is a new design, based in part on the research conducted on the carbon-braced tweeter employed in PM1. Here, the edge of the aluminum dome is strengthened using a second aluminum layer that replicates the main dome's profile with the centre part cut out, giving a new 'double-dome' design. B&W claims this pushes the first break-up frequency up from the standard dome's 30kHz to an even more impressive 38kHz.

The overall cabinet height of CM10 is the same as that of CM9, but by adding just a little depth to the enclosure and then relocating both the tweeter and FST midrange drive units creates sufficient extra volume for an additional bass drive unit. So CM10 has 50 per cent more bass driver area than CM9, with three drivers rather than two. It also gains in overall sensitivity, while bass alignment has been altered, allowing CM10 to be tuned lower. This gives it more extension, while the extra bass driver also helps reduce distortion, and enables a higher maximum output level.

Attention has also been paid to the all-important mid range area, and CM10's Kevlar® FST driver is, for the first time in the CM Series, decoupled from the rest of the cabinet. This performance-orientated solution not only reduces audible cabinet coloration, but also makes the listener less aware of the position of the loudspeaker itself.

The FST drive unit is secured in place by a drawbar mechanism, as found in 800 Series Diamond models. Moving the midrange driver closer to the top of the cabinet has similar results to locating the tweeter on top - it improves upward dispersion and increases the sense of airiness.

The cumulative effect of all these improvements is that, when compared to CM9, the CM10 plays louder, has a more extended bass, better imaging and lower distortion and coloration. It is a worthy flagship model for the CM Series, and pushes the range's performance to new heights.

Bowers & Wilkins CM10 will launch the Black Gloss, Satin White, Rosenut and Wenge finish in October. Priced at $5,499 for a pair, and available from selected independent Specialists stores.

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