Black Ravioli Black Hole Modules

Posted on 12th March, 2020

Black Ravioli Black Hole Modules

Black Ravioli Black Hole system modules now available.

Following on from the company's original equipment support pads, Black Ravioli now launch their Black Hole system modules.

Black Ravioli products have been developed by Sailforth Ltd in Scotland and, they say, are embodied with an ethos gained from the nuclear operation and radio broadcast engineering experience of its chief designer.

Black Ravioli Black Hole

The Black Hole modules, says the company, work by removing spurious energy from music servers, streamers, active speakers and almost any electronic device that interfaces a music system. Black Ravioli states on its website:

There is no precise rule as to what configuration of modules works best, since it is a function of the individual equipment and available capacity to mitigate the noise.

For signal paths, you can connect from the Black Hole modules to spare USB, HDMI and RCA inlets on your equipment, plus available ground plane earth terminals and 4mm or spade speaker connections.

Black Ravioli Black Hole

Black Ravioli states that these devices are more than grounding boxes. Furthermore, they should be treated as a system-wide solution to remove electrical noise, and spurious energy from the hi-fi or AV set up.  

Black Ravioli Black Hole

There is also a range of mains modules available.

The Black Hole Modules start at £500 and are available through MCRU


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