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6th December, 2018

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Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD is a new lightweight in-ear headset with ultra-slim design that combines impressive sound, maximum comfort and practical features.

The new Soul BYRD in-ear headset is ultra-slim, and its ergonomic design ensures extreme lightness and a perfect fit.

The Soul BYRD can be worn comfortably everywhere and all the time. You could almost forget about it – until the phone rings, and the Soul BYRD proves its qualities as a headset, thanks to its three-button remote and in-line mic. The Soul BYRD is available now for €79/£69

Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD

The housing of the Soul BYRD has been ergonomically adapted to the shape of the human ear. Designed to be ultra-slim, the headphones do not protrude from the auricle and will not exert pressure on the ear even when the user is lying on their side. Getting a perfect fit is simple thanks to the five included silicone ear tips. Optionally, the Soul BYRD can be used with Comply (400 Series) ear tips for even better shielding against ambient noise.

Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD

Additionally, there is a neat hard carrying case to protect your Soul BYRD earphones when they're not in your ears.

With a quoted frequency response of 10–25.000 Hz, the Soul BYRD will perform as good as they look. The first-class craftsmanship and design of the Soul BYRD are complemented by its high-quality materials. The cable is extremely flexible and robust, minimising cable noise and staying in perfect shape even when used daily. The elegant decorative plates, made of anodised and glass-bead blasted aluminium, feature the new and characteristic Y signet.

Finally, the ear tips and cerumen protection can be easily cleaned or replaced so you can enjoy your Beyerdynamics for a long time.


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