Posted on 8th May, 2017


You know what they say about a gift horse? Well, BenQ wants you know if its well-regarded W1090 model were a nag, it would have pearly whites in spades.

This projector and display screen specialist has cobbled together nice bonus gift choices. Buyers of a W1090 can have a spare $149 lamp or two pairs of 3D glasses valued at $199.

No guesses what most punters will want to snag. Not when 3D is a bit of a dead horse these days with few friends outside of the zany game community.

Without wanting to flog any creature, and just to recap what makes the W1090 such a neat projector it’s worth pointing out a few of its features.

The W1090 will do Full HD 1080p resolution making viewing of HD sports programs and Blu-ray videos much more enjoyable.

A throw rate of 1.15 delivers a 100-inch picture at a distance of just 2.5 metres. A feature of real worth for home movie fans that don’t have a dedicated surround sound room.

As for adjusting and aligning the picture at any angle or distance, BenQ has that covered via the W1090’s vertical keystone and 1.3x zoom.

Power supply used on the W1090 is a USB type A model handy for easy operation and for connecting and charging other devices.

MHL enabled devices are catered for by an MHL connector. Other connections are two HDMIs while an optional FHS kit expands flexibility with wireless connectivity.

The W1090 will suit novices as well as projector veterans thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The gift promotion will be presented by all authorized BenQ stockists and is available now. The promotion ends on June 30th.

For more information visit the BenQ brand page.

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