BenQ Isn’t Lagging Behind

Posted on 28th November, 2016

BenQ Isn’t Lagging Behind

Talk about serendipity. I was calling Matt Walker, BenQ’s chief man on the ground for Victoria seeking his advice for a suitable gaming monitor for a friend.

Walker knows his cars and certainly know audio-visual. His advice has never failed in the past. On his recommendation our place has two BenQ 2710 2K monitors and two BenQ video projectors.

The W1300 is used in the living room and the other, a GP3 mini, a wireless projector so compact it can sit in the palm of your hand is my guilty pleasure. It does a lot of work displaying Netflix movies in the bedroom.

None of these models has given us a moment of concern. They just keep working and working.

So naturally Walker was my go-to man for a gaming monitor. His response was to head for a new BenQ video projector that's just hit the marketplace.

Assuming your mate has the budget and a projector meets his requirements, tell him to audition the new W1210ST.

BenQ W1210ST Australia

A quick Google search shows BenQ regards the W1210ST as ideal for gaming thanks to its very short throw feature and what the brand describes as the industry’s first home projector optimised for low input lag. Leaving aside this self-awarded accolade, what’s interesting is the lack of any definitive lag time information on BenQ’s website. It ain’t there.

Trawling through the forums reveals the new projector seems to have an input lag time of 16ms. When in doubt head for the forums where the members know much more and are always ahead of mug AV writers like me.

Vital specs for the W1210ST are 1080p native resolution, DLP 6 speed colour wheel, optical zoom and the ability to throw a 100-inch picture from a distance of 1.5 metres.

BenQ also says:

The W1210ST also boasts microsecond DMD response times to eliminate unwanted motion blur. Customised Game modes further enhance performance under different play conditions. Game Mode boosts visual and sound performance for a more intense sensory experience by bringing out the hidden details in the darkest shadows. Game Bright Mode adapts to a range of lighting conditions without loss of image detail.

BenQ W1210ST Rear

But as one forum member pointed out the W1210ST omits lens shift. But included are two 2 X 10-watt speakers powered by BenQ’s CinemaMaster Audio+ technology.

Available now, the price of the W1210ST is $1499 RRP.

For more information visit BenQ.

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