Bang On Target

Posted on 21st May, 2014

Bang On Target

Style wizard B&O know heaps about squeezing great sound from small acoustic spaces. For decades the brand that put zing back into AV styling laboured away creating high end sound systems for cars.

It’s taken this vast and clever know-how and used it to elicit the novel BeoLab 20 wireless speaker, a model B&O says has amazing clarity, power and control-and of course B&O’s iconic good looks.

So the BeoLab 20 has loads of personality and a huge bang for the big bucks it costs.

Bang & Olufsen unites elegant design with amazing acoustic authenticity in new high-end wireless speaker.

beolab 20

According to Michael Langager, Vice President Core Business, Bang & Olufsen’s latest floor speaker is the result of an innovation process that draws on the company’s design traditions and on its extensive experience in creating audio systems for high-end automobiles. “BeoLab 20 demonstrates everything we’ve learned about engineering radically goodsound into small spaces over the last 10 years,” he says. “With these speakers, we give sophisticated technology a very simple challenge: make great music sound exactly the way the artist intended it to be heard.”  

B&O claims its all-new digital sound engine provides more processing power than any other speaker of this size.

“Among other things, we’ve done a lot of fine-tuning on our digital sound processor to eradicate resonances, measure magnet temperatures extremely precisely, and tune three outstanding drivers to reproduce sound as naturally as possible,” says Langager. “Combined with the active speaker’s huge power reserves, BeoLab 20 delivers exquisite results in the midrange, and also tight, controlled bass with an incredibly strong punch. You will not need a separate subwoofer with these speakers.”

“BeoLab 20 is a beautiful example of Bang & Olufsen’s form-follows-function design creed,” says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President of Brand, Design and Marketing. “Every aspect of the speaker’s form has its acoustic reason to be and all the parts come together in a sculptural minimalism that enhances any room.”

The iconic Acoustic Lens tweeter, a tour de force of metalworking craftsmanship, spreads high frequencies evenly around the room in a full 180 degrees. So whether your favourite listening position is the sofa or a lounge chair, your spot is the sweet spot. The aluminium base lifts the cabinet to float gracefully above the floor – and enhances bass performance. Even the back of the speaker is visually intriguing for a reason: the soft-black cooling grill disperses heat so the powerful drivers can deliver everything they’ve got, without overheating.

Bang & Olufsen was the first manufacturer to incorporate the groundbreaking WiSA platform, and BeoLab 20 is the company’s latest Immaculate Wireless Sound speaker. With WiSA’s robust, multi-channel digital audio streaming, BeoLab 20 lets you enjoy premium listening experiences without compromising the integrity of your interior design.

The new BeoLab 20 is available now at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide, priced at AUD $13,500 (a pair).

For more information visit Bang & Olufsen.

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