Audiotricity Signs Exclusive UK Deal with Elite Audio

Posted on 21st January, 2020

Audiotricity Signs Exclusive UK Deal with Elite Audio

Elite Audio has just announced its latest partnership, this time it's with Audiotricity.

Elite Audio is now the exclusive UK distributor for the Portuguese power conditioner and cable specialist, Audiotricity.  

The Fife-based hi-fi distribution company tells us that Audiotricity has spent several years carefully developing their range of power conditioners and cables to ensure they deliver the very best performance from a system.

Audiotricity Chimera Signature
Interestingly, Audiotricity is said to work with you to customise every conditioner to meet the individual requirements of your particular system. Furthermore, power outlets can be custom designed for each individual component with the process taking into account, not only the system itself but other external factors such as geographical location and the immediate environment.
Speaking of this new relationship, Nuno Silva, Founder, CEO and Chief Designer of Audiotricity, told StereoNET:

When it started making sense to work with distribution in the UK, Elite Audio became the instant and obvious choice. Of course, it also has to do with how they're placed in the market. Still, it was mainly due to their attention to the customer, professionalism, the way they work the brands they represent, and ultimately, due to the transparency, politeness and kindness, they had with us, since day one. These are the values we identify with and look for in a partnership. We have no doubt that it will be a successful partnership.

Mark Cargill, the owner of Elite Audio, added:

Not only do Audiotricity make leading power conditioners and cables, but their bespoke customised service also lifts them significantly above their competitors.  Every brand in our Elite Audio family is focused on ensuring they deliver the very best in quality and service – and Audiotricity certainly matches with this elite ethos. We showcased the Audiotricity Chimera Signature (€5,270.00 pictured above) at last year's UK Hi-Fi Show Live, and the difference it made to the system was incredible – visitors to our room confirmed this!

Elite Audio is expecting its first delivery of Audiotricity equipment imminently so stay tuned for details.


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