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24th April, 2019


AudioSolutions will be showing its new Virtuoso speaker that will sit between the Figaro series and Vantage 5th-anniversary speaker series.

Described as the “missing link” between the Figaro and Vantage the Virtuoso takes technology from the flagship Vantage 5th anniversary and aesthetic cues from the Figaro's sophisticated looks while mixing them with the sharp prestigious character from Vantage 5th anniversary model.
At the business end, the Virtuoso is a 3-way speaker system with two 7.5-inch bass drivers and 6.5-inch mid driver and a 1.2-inch tweeter. Additionally, the Virtuoso features a mini-horn which is already a standard at AudioSolutions used to fight the unwanted soft dome resonance problem at lower frequencies and raise tweeter sensitivity (thus lowering THD after normalisation).

AudioSolutions Virtuoso

AudioSolution midrange drivers are known for covering a wider frequency range than other designs; for instance, the Virtuoso midrange driver covers 500-7000Hz. To that end, the company uses band-enhanced mid drivers.

Where the Vantage Classics use an adjustable crossover the Virtuoso sports Three Crossover Profiles:

  • Balanced – a very sweet middle. A profile with soundstage and clarity everyone could expect from this class speaker.
  • Softened - is recommended for prolonged listening sessions. Also, we're told, perfect for “harsher recordings like metal or rock”, especially older rocking recordings where today's high-end gear can reveal imperfections. AudioSolutions is keen to point out that this is not an EQ thing, but a technique closer to recording studios where you manipulate distortions and very sharp nulls in the band.
  • Enhanced – this mode should be used to experience the smallest details in the recording or analytical listening sessions. Also, Enhanced mode is suitable for quiet evening listening sessions where the ambient noise floor masks a lot of microelements in music. Another use for this mode is for testing other signal path equipment due to the raised sensitivity to details. A great way of discerning if that new cable/cd player/DAC makes a difference.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso

The Virtuoso is what AudioSolutions call a 'Box in a Box system'. What you get here is an internal fully sealed cabinet with substantial internal bracing and all dampening techniques all High-End modern speakers have. However, this inner box is not visible from outside because it is covered with another outer box which is glued tight to the inner box. Why? Well, in usual boxes the corner joints are the weakest area and act more like a hinge than a tight fitting so, to prevent it from flexing, another layer is glued on top of the joint forming brick pattern. The resulting stiffness is at least ten times bigger. You do end up with a larger enclosure, but the resulting stiffness is twice that accomplished by standard cabinet techniques.

As well as the WBT Nextgen bi-wiring binding posts the Virtuoso is offered in seven different standard finishes, including a greyish colour which easily integrates into any environment. There are five saturated colours including a “mind-blowing Metallic effect” and a unique Flame Chameleon colour that changes from cold grey and cool blue up to warm red — a real eyecatcher.

The world debut of the AudioSolutions Virtuoso series is set for High End Munich 2019 where the Virtuoso M, which will retail at €25000, will be presented. Different size variations will be added later on.


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