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4th May, 2019

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Audionet is bringing its production-ready HUMBOLDT integrated to High End Munich 2019.

The Audionet HUMBOLDT will premiere at the Munich show next week after its launch last year. The new integrated amplifier shares the much-lauded qualities of its stablemates, STERN and HEISENBERG, which so happen to have claimed a multitude of awards between them over the last three years.

Audionet Humboldt

Named after the famed polymath, geographer, naturalist and explorer Alexander v. Humboldt who sought to unify different branches of scientific knowledge and culture which also motivated a holistic perception of the universe as one interacting entity, the HUMBOLDT's exterior has been designed by legendary German industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger. The attractive casement wraps around “the most advanced circuitry and technology money can buy” as far as Audionet is concerned, who also adds that “HUMBOLDT stands as an integrated amp unlike any other on this planet.”

Audionet Humboldt

The amplifier features a dual mono layout of all circuitry and power supply for maximum channel separation. Furthermore, it boasts a floating panel design for optimal resistance against microphonic effects as well as temperature stability. The floating panels of the body are resonance-optimised by pads on an aluminium frame.

The HUMBOLDT also utilises four power supplies for positive and negative power currents, separate for input and driver stage and power stage. Here you get two encapsulated and decoupled 100VA, and two encapsulated and decoupled 850VA toroid transformers. The transformers are then bolted on a stainless steel assembly.

The high-resolution display shows user-defined names for each input as well as a readout for the power supply monitor and menus for adjusting the individual input levels, etc.

Audionet Humboldt

Around the rear, you will find an impressive array of connections. You have a choice of inputs including four pairs of Cinch line, Rhodium (Furutech) RCA, two pairs of balanced XLRs, gold plated (Neutrik), a D Sub 9 serial port (control only), and an SMA for WLAN (control only). Outputs are catered for by two pairs of Cinch line, Rhodium (Furutech) RCAs, a couple of Cinch inverted, Rhodium (Furutech), two pairs of XLR balanced, gold plated (Neutrik), a brace of Audionet Link, optical and a gold plated earth connection.

The Audionet demonstration is certainly one to check out. Head over to Room E207, Atrium 4 on the 2nd floor of the High End Munich show.


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