Audio Research REF Phono 3SE Pre-Amplifier Launched

Posted on 9th March, 2020

Audio Research REF Phono 3SE Pre-Amplifier Launched

Audio Research has announced the launch of the Reference Phono 3SE that supersedes its highest-performance phono stage, the Reference Phono 3 Phono Preamplifier.

The Reference Phono 3SE follows the recent launch of the Reference (REF) 6SE Line-Stage Preamplifier and 750SEL mono power amp.

Audio Research REF Phono 3SE

The REF Phono 3SE ($17,000 US) replaces the 2016-launched REF Phono 3 with Audio Research stating that the knowledge gained in the creation of its Reference 160-Series Amplifier has transitioned to both reference preamplifiers, the REF6SE Line-Stage and the REF Phono 3SE Phono-Stage. We are also told that the first production units will ship later this month.

Audio Research Phono 3SE

ARC underlines that, due to the extremely low-level nature of the signals involved in a phono stage, the component and wiring upgrades incorporated in the SE update combine to create a startling advancement in performance. Externally, the only difference between the REF Phono 3SE and the Phono 3 is the naming on the rear panel.

The SE update will be available to current REF Phono 3 owners in May 2020 and can be installed by authorised service centres.

More information can be had over at Audio Research (ARC).


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