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StereoNET UK has been fortunate enough to be among the first to get ears-on with the first gaming headset from Audiophile headphone makers, Audeze

At a rather select gathering in London's Fitzrovia, Audeze allowed this enthusiastic commentator to try on and test out their new Mobius gaming headset. As well as featuring the company's renowned planar magnetic drivers, they are equipped with head-tracking and all sorts of other wonderment.

Furthermore, instead of just slapping a mic on a set of their rather great cans, they've packed the Audeze Mobius with tech aplenty.

Sporting a comfortable, lightweight, and wireless design, they're just the thing for gaming marathons. Your lobes are cushioned by contoured memory foam ear pads, which are replaceable. You also get a memory foam-padded headband.

The headphones also offer a detachable boom microphone. This is a definite plus because unlike many other gaming headphones, you will also want to use these away from your battle station. 

Additionally, the mic comes with built-in noise attenuation, independent volume control and mute/unmute function. 

Audeze claims the Mobius can run for over 10 hours on a single charge.

Although designed with gamers in mind, music and movie fans will also enjoy the audio. With 3D emulation alongside surround sound support, the Audeze Mobius offers an integrated low latency 3D head-tracking system.

The audio output for 3D listening can be set to 7.1, 5.1, 5.0, 2.1 and 2.0 modes, alongside Ambisonics support.

Thanks to room emulation technology and anatomy calibration, the audio effects get a life-like feel. The output on the Mobius headphones sounds great, but that is hardly surprising.

Also, these headphones will cater to mixed reality platforms as well given it comes bundled with audio plugins from Waves such as the B360 Ambisonics Encoder and the NX Virtual Mix Room.

Among other options, you can connect the device wirelessly through Bluetooth (AAC, LDAC). Physical connectivity options include support for type-C and type-A USB cables, as well as a 3.5mm jack.

Build quality was pretty good on the pre-production set I tested, although there were definite signs of wear on the headband. 

The colour scheme of black with blue highlights did win me over personally though as my rig is white with blue highlights. The other headset design is black and gold.

The head-tracking tech stuttered a little, and while playing audio from an Astell & Kern AK70, the Bluetooth dropped out for a second. This is a pre-production sample, however.

Watching Kenau kick ass as John Wick, the immersive surround sound was brilliant. The headphones sounded like they could be an open-backed design as the soundstage was so vast.

A quick blast of Prince's When Dove's Cry and the planar drivers were swift and precise. Yes, the Bluetooth did wander off for a second, but these sounded so much more than gaming headphones.

Finally, actual gaming: A show reel featuring titles such as Overwatch and Battlefield was played, and the Audeze Mobius did sound impressive. 

However, it wasn't until I tried my hand at a spot of first-person shooting that the head-tracking and sound localisation made sense. 

Granted, it didn't stop me from dying every few seconds (I blame performance anxiety), but the audio just made gaming even more addictive.

The head-tracking does give you more spatial awareness in games, and you find yourself looking the direction of where the sound came from, rather than the screen sometimes.

We can't wait until the Mobius is on the market. As long as they stay at a reasonable price, then they will make great 3-in-1 headphones: Gaming, movies and music.

The Audeze Mobius is currently available through an Indiegogo campaign with early bird offers of US $269.

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