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12th September, 2019


Atlas cables adds the new Zeno Harmonic headphone cable to its range.

The Atlas Zeno Harmonic joins the Kilmarnock-based cable maker's already popular Zeno headphone cable range.

The new cable is aimed to be a step up from what comes already bundled with your new high-end cans.

Atlas ZENO Harmonic

Zeno Harmonic Headphone Cable Upgrade

The new Zeno Harmonic bosts better conductor material, improved dielectric efficiency, “next-generation plug design” along with enhanced construction materials all assembled by hand in Scotland.

Atlas Zeno Harmonic

All four conductors in the Zeno Harmonic are OCC, this is a dual balanced design and utilises nitrogen foamed polyethylene dielectric.

The 4-pin (OCC) XLR plug is unique in the marketplace and designed by Atlas specifically for the Zeno.

 The Zeno Harmonic comes supplied with a 1m Grun cable and is finished in red tangle-free fabric.

Atlas ZENO Harmonic

Kevin Kelly, managing director at Atlas Cables, told StereoNET:

Taking the lessons from the ZENO we launched in 2015, we wanted to produce a High-End upgrade for the world's highest fidelity headphones focussing improvements on; conductor material, dielectric efficiency, plug design along with construction materials and methods. The Zeno Harmonic is a cable that will enhance the sound of the world's best headphones and therefore capturing a market that is growing year on year.

The Atlas Zeno Harmonic comes as standard with a 4 pin OCC XLR and is supplied with an Atlas Grun cable (1m) as well as a male spade adaptor.

Also supplied is a 4 pin XLR to 6.3mm adapter.

Price and availability

The Atlas Zeno Harmonic is available now at the following prices/lengths:

  • Atlas Zeno Harmonic - 2.0m - £775.00 inc vat
  • Atlas Zeno Harmonic - 2.5m - £805.00 inc vat
  • Atlas Zeno Harmonic - 3.0m - £835.00 inc vat

More information can be had at Atlas Cables.


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