Posted on 22nd May, 2017


Legacy speaker brand ATC has a new range of surround sound speakers unveiled for the first time at Munich's High End Show.

The Home Theatre Series (HTS) has been designed to deliver world-class sound from TVs and home theatre electronics.

The new range scheduled for arrival in Australia in July is fitted with a class-leading drive units and sophisticated crossovers.

Styling is fresh and discreet and just the profile that allows the new models to blend well in most living rooms.

The HTS series comprises 6 models that have the added advantage of being used vertically or horizontally.

This sextet has been given ATC’s new SH25-76 tweeter and drive units found in the brand’s well-regarded Entry Series speakers.

The range comprises the HTS7 2-way and matching HTS7C 2-way centre, the HTS11 and HTS11C 2-way centre and the HTS40 3-way with matching MTS40C centre.

So what can we expect from these new speakers? Well, how about ATC’s legendary driver technology and crossovers fitted to low-resonance cabinets.

Each new speaker has been built to exacting tolerances and their drivers have a bundle of ATC innovations such as hand wound short voice coils wound with high-density edge-wound OFHC copper ribbon wire. These coils work in a precise long magnetic gap.

The cabinets have front and rear venting that reduces noise from airflow, increases power handling and long-term reliability. Massive magnet assemblies are also fitted to ensure total optimisation for each voice coil diameter and driver application.

The patented soft dome technology used in the HTS40 was released by ATC in 1976. To this day, the company says, it’s the only driver of its kind and one that delivers an ultimate performance for domestic and studio users.

The tweeter chosen for the HTS models is the new SH25-26, a driver that shares technology with the brand’s famous soft-dome midrange.

But the HTC range delivers extended bass frequencies from compact cabinets. And for install packages, the HTC’s says ATC, have ultra low distortion and neutral voicing.

ATC HTS Range, Munich 2017

Attached to surround electronics you can expect to hear a soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and even, wide dispersion so no one has to fight for a sweet-spot seat.

The range is versatile and each model cam be mounted onto or recessed into walls.

Another feature of this range are hidden wall brackets and input terminals.

The HTC range is hand built in England and is supported by a six-year warranty.

For more information visit the ATC brand page.

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