ATC Limited Edition SCM150ASLT Active Loudspeaker System Launched

Posted on 2nd July, 2020

ATC Limited Edition SCM150ASLT Active Loudspeaker System Launched

ATC has announced the limited edition SCM150ASLT active loudspeaker system that builds on a 45-year heritage of innovation and precision engineering says the UK brand.

ATC's SCM150ASLT limited edition (£46,600) is said to marry world-class transducer and electronic design engineering to deliver extraordinary levels of clarity, neutrality, transient response and unrestrained power delivery, according to the manufacturer.

ATC SCM150ASLT Speaker System uk hi-fi news

The limited-edition three-way system comprises of the SCM150ASLT floorstanding loudspeakers that incorporate the latest ATC designed and built drive unit technology, combined with an ATC P6 power amplifier.


ATC SCM150ASLT Speaker System uk hi-fi news

The SCM150ASLT speakers employ a new 25mm neodymium soft dome SH25-76S super dome tweeter, featuring both upper and lower suspension for greater operational precision and lower distortion. The 75mm soft-dome SM75-150S super dome supplies the midrange. The woofer is the SB75-375SL super linear bass driver. All of these are driven directly by the six dedicated channels of the P6 dual-mono, 3-way Class AB power amplifier.

The P6 is housed in an incredibly eye-catching elliptical billet aluminium chassis and its six channels: 2x (200W LF, 100W MF, 50W HF) boast a combined output power of 350W/side. Furthermore, the amplifier generates a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 105 decibels and its ultra-low noise discrete design, paired with 3-way active crossovers with phase equalisation, promises clear and detailed audio reproduction.

ATC SCM150ASLT Speaker System uk hi-fi news

Combined the system delivers a quoted response accuracy of ±2dB between 60Hz-17kHz and ±6dB from 25Hz to 22kHz across a wide horizontal dispersion and at a maximum SPL of 117dB. The rear-mounted input panel features a single LEMO aerospace-grade 10-pin connector.


ATC SCM150ASLT Speaker System uk hi-fi news

Naturally, all of the components are manufactured to ATC's exacting standards. The SCM150ASLT are constructed by ATC's own cabinet makers, and weigh 116kg and stand approximately 1.4m tall. Each speaker enclosure is finished in selected European crown-cut walnut veneer with a high-gloss polyester lacquer and detailed with a stainless steel badge, input panel. You even get a bespoke limited edition plinth that's PVD treated to create an exclusive nickel-like appearance.

ATC SCM150ASLT Speaker System uk hi-fi news

The SCM150ASLT speaker system is available to order now for £46,600 per pair. As they are built to order, the earliest shipping date is given as August 5th.  

For more information, visit ATC.


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