ATC At Its Best

Posted on 21st April, 2016

ATC At Its Best

Legendary speaker brand ATC says its new SCM19AT active loudspeaker represents the culmination of years of driver unit, amplifier and system design development.

Will Woodman, son of ATC founder, Bill Woodman was in Australia recently and told StereoNET the SCM19AT was designed to give music lovers nothing less than exceptional performance in a stylish package.

Our aim with the SCM19AT is to incorporate the very best engineering principles and technology. I know it sounds like hype but we’re sincere and accurate when we say that ATC strives to ensure the same principles for all our products.

We work hard to maintain ATC’s reputation for quality, performance and neutral fidelity.

The SCM19AT is an active implementation of ATC’s award winning SCM19 model. ATC’s goal for this model was nothing less than reference quality sound from an eye-catching, elegantly curved floor standing design with a volume of 19 litres.

Slender but large enough to deliver a full range sound in the home

Production of each pair of SCM19AT’s is labourious and begins with cabinets that are heavily braced, sealed and built with curved multi-layered laminates. Each is meticulously hand-finished in handsome cherry or black ash real-wood veneers.

Drivers chosen for the SCM19AT are ATC’s legendary SH25-76 soft dome tweeter and a unique 150mm Super-Linear mid/bass driver.

These drive units are powered by a proprietary bi-amp pack utilising ATC’s discrete MOSFET Class A/B modules capable of 32W of continuous power for the high frequency section and a massive 150W for the bass.

The SH25-76 tweeter uses a unique dual suspension system designed to suppress rocking modes even at high power output levels.

The 150mm mid/bass drivers employ a carefully weighted doped fabric cone with a 75mm soft dome chosen for its exceptional broad and even dispersion of mid-band frequencies. The cones are driven by an ‘under-hung’ short coil/long gap, motor using a hefty 9kg Super Linear Magnet system which is unique to ATC.

The reduction of noise and distortion and a lower operating temperature drove the design of the 19AT’s two-way built-in amp pack design.

It features protection circuits for both DC offset and thermal overload. ATC says the Mid Frequency THD is an astonishingly low 93dB/0.002 percent. An ultra high bandwidth of 200kHz delivers music lovers an accurate reproduction of musical transients. A newly developed two-way active crossover section with 2nd order modified Butterworth circuitry feeds ATC’s Grounded Source output stage modules with phase compensation for each crossover point.

The SCM19AT is adept with digital sources as well as traditional analogue. A point reinforced by Will Woodman.

ATC’s range of loudspeakers is ideally suited to the reproduction of music from all sources. To facilitate a digital interface we now incorporate a USB and/or S/PDIF input in the SIACD integrated amplifier and the CDA2 preamplifier. But it is unfortunate that the quality of online download for a large number of customers is only available in low resolution.

ATC has chosen a quality national distributor in the form of Jag Imports that is owned by James Tate, CEO of Jim Tate Stereo that has its HQ in Adelaide. The store has the enviable reputation of being what Linn's Ivor Tiefenbrun, recently described as ‘’the exemplar for all Linn Dealerships worldwide”.

The Australian connection between Jim Tate and ATC goes deeper. Bill Woodman is also Australian and word has it that he has a place in the Adelaide Hills. Which is pretty handy for the pair to meet whenever Bill is in Australia.

For more information visit Jag Imports.

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