Arteluthe Stiletto Floorstanding Loudspeakers Launched

Posted on 8th March, 2020

Arteluthe Stiletto Floorstanding Loudspeakers Launched

Arteluthe has been in touch to tell us about its new Stiletto floor-standing loudspeakers.

The Montréal-based company will see its new Stiletto loudspeaker officially launched at Montréal Audiofest, March 27 to 29.

Arteluthe Stiletto Loudspeakers

The Canadian manufacturer's Stiletto (SRP $16,000 US) is a 3-way design incorporating twin 6.5-inch hand-coated paper membrane low-frequency transducers in an anechoic tapered and folded sealed line, says Arteluthe. The company adds that its quasi full range, amplifier-coupled (crossover-less), 5.5-inch hand-coated paper cone driver reproduces frequencies from 50 Hz to 4 kHz in a sealed, folded cavity. Additionally, those drivers are joined by a high definition 1.2-inch silk dome tweeter (4 kHz to 23 kHz).

Arteluth Stiletto Loudspeakers

Stiletto promises “all the bass and none of the boom”, thanks to the ultra damped, ultra-low Q (0.5) design of the sealed transmission line, forming a tapered tunnel filled with dacron fibres.

The Stiletto speakers sport a room-friendly design (94 cm high x 48.26 cm deep) and feature a quoted in-room bandwidth of 27Hz to 23 kHz with the official specifications showing an even more impressive measured range of - 6 dB @ 25 Hz and 25 kHz. We're told that a recommend 100-200 watts into 8 Ohms has the Stiletto singing; however, the loudspeakers will still accept a minimum of 50 watts into 8 Ohms.

Arteluthe Stiletto Speaker

Entirely built in Canada, the Stiletto is based on a custom maple/birch composite plywood chassis dressed with totally decoupled, high mass panels finished in real polyester piano black on black Alcantara. Finally, all of that rests on a compliant alloy base, fitted with decoupled alloy footers.

Arteluthe Stiletto Loudspeakers
Arteluthe's Stiletto will be launched at Montréal Audiofest which runs March 27 to March 29 with Arteluthe hosting room 2345. The Stiletto will be driven by Kinki Studio electronics and a Charisma Audio analogue front end. Furthermore, Arteluthe's Robert Gaboury hopes to bring Stiletto to the UK and we look forward to that.


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