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Following their unveiling at High End Munich, the Apurna Carmina speakers have gone official.

The French-based company has taken its aerospace technology know-how as used on the brand’s analogue amplifiers and put it to use to create the “ultra-high-end acoustic loudspeakers” called Carmina.

Apurna Carmina Loudspeakers

The Apurna Carmina are 3-way passive floorstanding speakers that feature what the company classes as “an unprecedented energy management approach” - this mostly comes by way of the French hi-fi company’s own trademarked Composite Apurna Resonance System (CARS).

The elegant loudspeakers employ a 30mm multi-layer composite shell, coupled to 3 solid copper bass-reflex ports. The design allows carefully controlled rigidity and flexibility of the cabinet where required.

Apurna Carmina

The energy created by the movement of the two 26cm bass drivers is effectively absorbed, removing the harmful effect of standing waves inside the speakers. The upshot, making the speaker cabinet far less prone to sound colouration.

As we discovered at High End Munich, the low-end is fast and tight with an incredibly realistic presentation even at the lowest frequencies.

The CARS process permits the energy from the mid-range / tweeter to evolve in an isolated enclosure, equipped with a decoupling system that separates it from the bass-reflex chamber.

Apurna Carmina

Around the rear of the loudspeakers, you will find four WBT-0702.01 24-carat gold-plated terminal blocks, allowing you to use Carmina in a bi-amplified system - one pair for the woofer and one for the mid-range / tweeter output.

The slender 1.75 m tall columns sit on four solid stainless-steel stands which can be individually adjusted to establish a level footing.

Apurna Carmina Loudspeakers

The Apurna Carmina has a claimed sensitivity of 93 dB / 1W / 1m and, finishing off our little tour; the cabinets have their own built-in ambient lighting system. A very cool finishing touch, if you ask us.

Apurna Carmina Loudspeakers

Naturally, being an Apurna product, there are seemingly endless bespoke finish options in any RAL colour you desire.

Availability and price

The Apurna Carmina are available to order now and are priced at €85,000 per pair.

For more information, go to Apurna.

Tech Spec

  • Drivers: Bass – 2 x 26 cm (bass reflex), Mid-range – 2 x 12 cm (enclosed chamber), Tweeter – 1 x 2.7 cm (dome)
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 21Hz – 40 000Hz
  • Sensitivity 1W (2,00V/1m): 93dB
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Minimum impedance: 2.7 Ohm at 70Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 240Hz / 2400 Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power: 50 – 600W
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1750 x 495 x 590 mm
  • Weight: 97 Kg


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