An Evening with Woo Audio

Posted on 4th August, 2015

An Evening with Woo Audio

Woo Audio, boutique manufacturer of Head-Fi products are sending their front-man Jack Wu, all the way from Queens, New York, to meet with enthusiasts this month at Addicted to Audio, Sydney.

We were fortunate enough to meet Wu exactly a year ago for a similar meet-and-greet at Addicted to Audio's Melbourne store. Following introductions Wu ran attendees through an overview of their range along with debuting some new products.

Dinner followed and what became evident was the passion from Wu, and the interesting history of the company.

Woo Audio was started by Jack's father in 2003 shortly after building himself a headphone amplifier to achieve the best possible sound quality from Sennheiser headphones. Dissatisfied with the commercial headphone amplifiers available at the time, Wei Wu knew he had created something special, and together with sons Jack and Zhidong, Woo Audio was now a commercial company.

Jack Wu is responsible for pre and post sales, marketing and quality control, and will be on hand at the Sydney gathering to discuss the new Woo WA5 and also the WA234 Mono-Blocks on display and ready for audition. Rumour has it there will be other new products unveilled at the same time.

It's not just all about Head-Fi though, Woo Audio also produce a small range of amplifiers more than capable of driving loudspeakers, as well as a DAC and CD Transport in the line-up.

StereoNET readers are most welcome to attend the event on the 13th August, 2015 at Addicted to Audio (142 King Street, Newtown, New South Wales 2042). Festivities kick off at 6:30PM sharp.

For more information visit the Addicted to Audio forum.

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