Posted on 9th May, 2018


Amphion impressed us at the Bristol show earlier this year with a neat ‘real world’ demonstration featuring a pair of Argon bookshelf speakers mated with a Hegel Röst networked integrated amp. Simple.

This week they are heading to the High End Show in Munich to demonstrate their redesigned Helium and Argon.

The Finnish speaker specialist has updated their Helium410, Helium510, Argon0, and Argon1 models. These bookshelf loudspeakers now come in redesigned cabinets. Additionally, the two Helium models utilise new, higher-class components.

The larger Argon models: 3S, 3LS and 7LS at the show will also be updated versions. All have a redesigned crossover, incorporating knowledge gained from its pro audio experience.

Ahead of the show which opens Thursday, Anssi Hyvönen, founder and Managing Director of Amphion told StereoNET UK:

We are in constant communication with the real world and listen very carefully to our customers' feedback. These conversations urged us to look for new and more sophisticated solutions. Our experience from the pro audio market gave us the answers we needed in order to make the Argon models sound even better. This update will bring more air to the highest treble, improve openness and resolution, and bring the tweeter level adjustment possibility also to the Argon7LS.

The smallest Helium and Argon models have had their reflex tube repositioned (we have been assured that this is less painful than it sounds). That tube is now located directly behind the woofer and results in improved bass response and enhanced clarity in the midrange.

Finally, the Helium410 and Helium510 employ a new tweeter that Amphion says provides lower distortion and more detail. This update allows the most affordable, entry-level Amphion speakers to provide a sound which belies their relatively small size and reasonable price tag.

Naturally, Amphion's setup at the Munich High-End Show will be completed with the flagship floor standing speaker, the Krypton3.

Amphion Loudspeakers are located at Atrium 3.1 C119.

For more information visit Amphion.


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