Posted on 25th July, 2019


Universal and Custom in-ear monitor brand 64 Audio is now available in the UK.

64 Audio has many fans in the pro-audio world, Joss Stone and Eric Smith to name but two, and the company prides itself in challenging traditional in-ear monitor design with exclusive technologies that provide genuine benefits for musicians and music lovers alike. And now, through KS Audio, we in the UK can enjoy them too.

64 Audio UK

Founded in 2010 by sound engineer Vitaliy Belonozhko who, like many others in the live music industry, found how much better in-ear monitors perform on stage when compared to the more common wedges.

64 Audio packs a range of groundbreaking tech into its IEMs, including  TIA, or Tubeless In-Ear Audio. TIA challenges traditional in-ear monitors with a tubeless design that eliminates a lot of the vibrations and resonances that are inherent in conventional, closed balanced armature designs.

64 Audio UK

One of the leading technologies 64 Audio use to stand out against the competition is 3D-Fit. Custom monitors are typically made by trimming down ear impressions, dipping them in wax then making a negative impression with silicone. However, 64 Audio 3D scans the ear impressions, digitally refines them, and then 3D prints the main shells. This allows for greater accuracy, translating to a better fit and comfort.

64 Audio UK

64 Audio specialises in Custom and Universal IEMs, providing market-leading in-ears to musicians such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi and Joss Stone; as well as engineers, audiophiles and everyone in-between all over the world.

Price and availability

64 Audio's Custom IEM Range starts at £599 for the A2e Dual Driver with 3D-Fit and Apex and tops out at £3,099 for the A18t Eighteen Driver with 3D-Fit / Apex / Tia.

The Universal IEM Range starts with the U12t Twelve Driver at £1999 with Apex / Tia and goes up to the Fourte Noir Hybrid Quad Driver costing £3799 with Apex / Tia.


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