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Hi guys,

I am looking to purchase a new set of passive speakers and an amp (eventually a sub as well) and would like some views and advice.

I want a sound that is room filling with a good strong bass. But I want it to be detailed to bring out some of the subtleties in music I have missed before. 

I listen to a fairly wide range of stuff but it will mainly be electronica, ambient and some techno. I also like to play metal and occasionally a bit of Genesis.

My room will be a small to medium size and rectangular. (Not sure if that makes a difference for advice)

I have narrowed down my speaker choices to the following;

Monitor Audio Silver 100

B&W 606

Dynaudio Emit M20


Anyone have any views or experience with any of them?

Any advice on an amp pairing would be greatly appreciated as well. (I have about £700 to spend on an amp if needed) I want enough power to be able to listen occasionally at unhealthy levels ha ha


Thanks for any info or advice you guys can provide 

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For techno, the Monitor Audio S100 is your best bet. It has a tight, clean, finely etched sound with strong bass - thanks to largest in class woofer -  and a finessed treble. Dynaudio is slightly more lively but will lack insight with prog rock. B&W might be too polite sounding for your music tastes.

The Rega Brio is the most engaging sounding amp inside your budget and will be a good synergistic match to the MAs, in particular.

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I'd agree that the Monitor Audio S100 is the best from that list, for your intended purpose. 

If you have a little more to spend, the Acoustic Energy AE500 would be my choice. It's sweet, crisp and detailed – and one of the most musical small standmounters around right now. It would be a riot with the latest Rega Brio.

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