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Yello Mixed on PMC in Atmos

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    • Triangle Antal and Comète 40th Anniversary Limited Edition upgraded speakers released View the full article
    • Welcome from southern Spain I have been out of the loop for the last few years since I moved here but now I am keen to get back into this again Read a couple of posts here and really like what I have read so count me in Best wishes 
    • A bit of an update for those interested in R2R. I've obtained two PCB's in good condition for the A7300RX, they are, Power supply unit and the main Stabiliser unit. These have been removed from A Tascam 25-2 but no other PCB's are available from this source. During fitment of these units I've found the need to replace leaky Caps on the Stabiliser "B" board, not surprising as these Caps are 45 years old. I'm expecting to replace many more of these aging components plus the inevitable bridging of oxidised traces but, what else is there to do at the moment? I've also got a Tascam 32 in really nice nick and managed to pick up a Tascam DX2D DBX 1 unit from a nice guy in Italy so that'll be another little project. The 32 was purchased in Australia but I've never managed to find a DX2D there in nice condition, had to move to the UK to find one....and what a time to move?? Another little score is to find that Sonus Faber are able to supply new strings for the grilles on relevant models FOC, I've got two sets and a centre speaker affected with this issue, Elipsa floorstanders, Cremona floorstanders and a Olympica centre. I've ordered the Cremona replacements and will start there before ordering up others. All for now!!
    • Welcome @Henning 1969 - glad you could join us and we look forward to your contributions!
    • Hi folks.  My name is Henning - 52yo from Denmark.  I love HiFi - and would like to join this community.  Cheers Henning

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