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Audio Engineers ZeroPads Active Available Soon

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    • Hi, folks New member. Been a hi-fi "buff" for over 3 decades now, but these latest years have seen me depart in a sense from the more traditional audiophile route, and to one incorporating pro (cinema) and studio segment gear mixed up with a bit of high-end and DIY. So, from direct radiating, low sensitivity and passively filtered speakers of moderate size going over to large, highly efficient horn hybrid and fully actively run speakers augmented with (also very efficient) tapped horn subs. Lot's of amp power totaling about 2.8kW per side, and a PC-based music source. No analogue source, not because I don't like the sound of analogue, but simply a choice of priority.  Many may feel such a set-up excels at one thing only, namely blowing one's ears off, and while it could do so, if one felt inclined, it's really about "restoring" the visceral, immersive and dynamic imprinting of live music, be that electronically amplified or acoustic. Headroom is your friend, as they say, and this applies keenly here; physics I believe have been largely lost in domestic music reproduction, to a point even where its approximation is often ridiculed in audiophilia as something lacking sophistication, subtlety and nuance, but (more) headroom is about lowering distortion and "stress" in the reproduction of music, and thus give way to a more effortless, relaxed and fuller presentation - at most any SPL desired. Choices have consequences, and so do mine. Different set-ups and paths chosen have different strengths and weaknesses, and that's part of this journey and what's inspiring as well.  /Mikael
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